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an oven or broiler equipped with a rotating spit on which meat cooks as it turns

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a restaurant that specializes in roasted and barbecued meats

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Surprisingly, using ground lambwhich we formed into patties and grilledwas easy and came close to reproducing the texture of rotisserie lamb.
Louis Rotisserie marinates fresh whole chickens in a fat-free, oil-free and MSG-free blend of natural citrus juices, herbs and spices.
Costco Wholesale Corp.'s wildly popular $4.99 rotisserie chickens consistently have shoppers flocking to its warehouse stores.
All roasts are served with honeymustard glazed carrots, braised red cabbage, tenderstem broccoli, roast potatoes, homemade Yorkshire pudding and rotisserie gravy.
The Quarter Rotisserie Chicken with herb-roasted fingerling potatoes and grilled asparagus had a beautifully rendered skin.
I expect there is a certain formula to it as it's a family Marston's rotisserie pub however the two-storey part is grade listed and greater horseshoe bats occupy one of the buildings.
Diners can sit in large comfy booths and watch Rotisserie chicken being cooked behind the bar, or the restaurant chefs kneading pizza dough in the open kitchen.
"Rotisserie chicken is a very popular food in the Middle East and as the leading restaurant offering high quality, all natural rotisserie chicken, rotisserie ribs and turkey, we see a significant opportunity to grow our brand in this region of the world."
These merchandisers hold a variety of grab-and-go products, including rotisserie chickens, pizza, sandwiches and more.
Bar snacks are available including calamari chips, glazed wings or the irresistible blue cheese arancini -- but for an all-out heart-warming dish, go for the speciality rotisserie chicken.
Most prepared food programs offer far more than food from the fryer and the rotisserie, but the image of those types of offerings remains.
Her recent over-the-top Baron Philippe de Rothschild's Bordeaux wine dinner at The Prince Albert Rotisserie in Hotel InterContinental Manila was highly buzzed about.
Greek Pizza With Chicken and Artichoke (recipe below) celebrates Mediterranean flavors and the convenience of a rotisserie bird.
95 plus p&p COUNTER TOP KITCHEN Convection Oven, Hob, Grill and Rotisserie in one.