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minute aquatic multicellular organisms having a ciliated wheel-like organ for feeding and locomotion

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"It's hard to prove a negative, and we can never say there is no chance the rotifer is ever having sex.
Certain rotifer species play very important role in the food chain, and express the quality and eutrofication states of the water (Ustaoglu, et al., 2004).
GAMs as well as other statistical analyses were conducted to (a) test the hypotheses that it would take a long time for the rotifer community to reach a relatively stable state after sediment dredging in the lake and that rotifer diversity indices could reflect the trophic states and (b) investigate the way that environmental factors affected the rotifer abundance (including the total and individual species abundance) and species compositions.
Appearance of rotifer Species in different Seasons (Dec 2009 to Jun 2010)
Aoki S, Hino A (1996) Nitrogen flor in a chemostat culture of the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis.
Application of probiotics in rotifer production systems for marine fish hatcheries.
Reproduction rates and secondary production of three species of the rotifer genus Synchaeta in the estuarine Potomac River.
######## GA, 36.5 Crustacea, 0.3 BGA, 12.8 Insect, 1.1 Diatom, 25.4 Desmids, 11.0 Protozoa, 3.2 Misc., 9.7 Rotifer, 0.1 ##### Note: Table made from pie chart.
The art status of rotifer studies in natural environments of South America: floodplains.
One of the previously studies lakes, El Guanaco, was subsaline, had a wide vegetation cover, showed a high biological richness (35 taxa), and hosted a species assemblage very different from that recorded in Ojo de Agua Uriburu, with rotifer predominance until complete drying (Echaniz & Vignatti, 2010).
Starting from the 1990s, the abundance of the rotifer genus Brachionus (B.
J., Arakawa, T., Watanabe T., The effect of bacterial additives on the production rate and dietary value of rotifers as food for Japanese flounder, Paratichthys otivaceus.
The full meaning of the novel's somewhat cryptic epigraph, "Animal life is mindful, and the mind's life is animal," is revealed in the story, "The Think Monkey," one of two animals described in the section "Invisible Beasts in Print." (The other invisible beast in print, the Fine-Print Rotifer, feeds on ink and turns the fine print of health insurance and mortgage contracts to nonsense.
Finishing in first place this year was Rogelio Moreno, who took this magnified photo of a rotifer that shows its mouth inteA[degrees] rior and heartA[degrees]shaped corona.
Much has been gained in model species such as rodents, fruit flies, nematodes, and the microscopic rotifer, a multicellular animal with complete digestive, nervous, and sexual reproductive systems.