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any alcoholic beverage of inferior quality

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These words make it so painfully clear that we are poor, rotgut sinners.
Mit'ki drank from morning to night, but only the cheapest vodka and rotgut wine, and snacked on pasteurized cheese.
Starting in the 1920s, American record companies sent white, northern-based engineers to the southern states to record black blues musicians for no royalties and virtually no fees beyond a bottle of rotgut whisky.
Early wine, notes Keiffer, "probably was pretty rotgut stuff." Romans refined the wine making process around 2 millennia ago.
Sometimes, the staff takes away this "rotgut" and hands out wine, which is far less harmful.
In the same way that sumptuary law imparts meaning to the forms of dress (the purple thread woven into a Roman toga, the length of sword permitted to an Elizabethan gallant), it can arrange a society's seating plan (proletarians allowed to occupy no more than 5,000 seats in Yankee Stadium for a World Series game), establish the hierarchy of polite behaviors and preferred taste (the caviar or the candied apple, the California zinfandel, or the rotgut Kentucky bourbon), determine which magazines may be sold in supermarkets (Glamour, not Maxim), and pluck from the playing fields of the NFL any referee too fat or too clumsy to be seen on television.
That literalism is the mark of an imagination drunk on a sort of intellectual rotgut, like the devotees of the "roasted" Lamb of God who burned people at the stake.
It's difficult to imagine another film-producing country besides France where this particularly obstinate blend of lofty ideas, rotgut sex, majestic framing and minimalist thesping could possibly have made it to the bigscreen at this length and pace.
With the approach of dawn, the General sat sipping coffee -- rotgut stuff -- reflectively.
I can tell you how to make a nasty batch of jailhouse rotgut from table scraps or a shower head from a tube of toothpaste or even how to light a cigarette butt with a wall outlet.