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a white crystalline insecticide that has low toxicity for mammals

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Prior to recording of behavior or injection of rotenone, the rats were trained to feed on breakfast cereal (Fruit Loops, Kellogg's, Battle Creek, MI) coated with radio opaque barium powder.
Rotenone certified reference standard (97.0%) was purchased from Sigma Chemical Company, Germany.
The RSM was carried out to optimize response variables (e.g., concentration and yield of rotenone) which are influenced by several independent variables such as solvent ratio, agitation rate, and extraction time.
Different groups of cells treated with or without rotenone (100 nM) were used in the experiment.
In spite of [sup.125]I-iodorotenone with a half-life of 60 days, the ability of [sup.123]I-labeled rotenone with a half-life of 13 h indicated that [sup.123]I-labeled iodorotenone could be used for SPECT perfusion imaging in clinical practices.
My Labs, Rotenone and Maggie, seemed to enjoy the opportunities fishing provided to spend time with their family and relax.
Rotenone and its derivatives that commonly refer to rotenoids are well known for their insecticidal properties.
But many of those also contain toxic ingredients, such as nicotine, rotenone and pyrethrins.
The only treatment to kill the worm-like parasite is to kill its host and that meant using the chemical rotenone to kill every living fish in each infected river.
The scientists discovered that the volatile organic compound 1-octen-3-ol, otherwise known as mushroom alcohol, can cause movement disorders in flies, similar to those observed in the presence of pesticides, such as paraquat and rotenone. Further, they discovered that it attacked two genes that deal with dopamine, degenerating the neurons and causing the Parkinson's-like symptoms.
To define the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in obstructive kidney injury, we treated the UUO mice with a mitochondrial complex I inhibitor rotenone to determine (1) whether inhibition of mitochondrial complex I can attenuate tubular injury and renal fibrosis in obstructive kidney disease and (2) whether mitochondrial complex I inhibition could affect the oxidative stress and inflammation in this particular model.
We examined the recovery of Rio Grande cutthroat in Costilla Creek, NM, following two separate rotenone treatments (2002 and 2008) and different restocking strategies.
Frank Soldner, research scientist in Jaenisch's lab and co-author of the study, said that exposing both normal and mutant neurons to pesticides, including paraquat, maneb and rotenone, created excessive free radicals in cells with the mutation, causing damage to dopamine-containing neurons that led to cell death.