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the reovirus causing infant enteritis

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Release date- 19082019 - Giving children an additional dose of rotavirus vaccine when they are nine months old would provide only a modest improvement in the vaccine's effectiveness in low-income countries concerned about waning protection against the highly contagious disease, according to a new study led by the University of Liverpool and Yale School of Public Health.
The Ministry of Health on the recommendations of experts on immunization took a decision to launch rotavirus vaccination into the calendar.
In our ambitious plan under the 100-day agenda, it has been decided to provide rotavirus vaccination to every child across all 37 States and UTs by September," said Dr Vardhan here on Friday.
Despite wide temporal and regional diversity of rotavirus strains being reported throughout the Indian subcontinent, a study based in Lahore, Pakistan identified the G2P and G9 genotypes as the most prevalent among children suffering acute gastroenteritis.2 Nevertheless, it has been shown that rotavirus vaccines (Rotarix and Rotateq) generate heterotypic immune response, providing equivalent efficacy against a vast range of rotavirus genotypes.
NREVSS is a voluntary laboratory-based passive surveillance system that collects data on eight respiratory viruses and three enteric viruses, including rotavirus (3).
Rotaviruses were observed to be responsible for the majority of cases of acute gastroenteritis requiring hospital admission in children below the age of 5 all around the world, and to be associated with high mortality rates in developing countries [2] Worldwide, rotavirus is estimated to cause more than 111 million cases of diarrhoea annually in children younger than 5 years of age.
Amerika Birlesik Devletleri Hastalik Kontrol ve Korunma Merkezleri (CDC)'ne gore rotavirus ve adenovirus gastroenteritlerinin tanisinda, taze diski orneklerinde antijen aranmasi prensibine dayali enzim immunoassay ve immunokromatografi yontemleriyle, polimeraz zincir reaksiyonu gibi molekuler yontemler kullanilabilir (7,8).
Therefore, WHO recommends a two or three-dose vaccination depending on types of rotavirus vaccine, at six and 10 or 14 weeks to tie in with other routine vaccinations.
The study, looking at the cause of the acute gastroenteritis of children seen at Tampere University Hospital, found a significant decrease in the number of cases due to rotavirus.
Stool samples were collected and transported to Armed forces institute of Pathology (AFIP) for stool antigen detection for Rotavirus. Descriptive statistics were calculated.
Fighting against rotavirus infection is a major concern for the World Health Organization for several years [1].
Rotavirus infects the mature villus epithelial cells of the small intestine, and infection often leads to fever, vomiting, and diarrhea in children.
Salma Shaikh informed that the Rotavirus diarrhea claims lives of 197000 children under five years of age annually all over the world.
However, heterologous infection of mice with the rhesus group A rotavirus strain MMU 18006 was associated with extramucosal spread and hepatitis, but infections with bovine group A rotavirus WC3 and the homologous murine group A rotavirus EDIM were not (5), suggesting that some group A rotavirus strains may have unique or unexpected biological properties.
Neonatal calf diarrhea is one of the main economic losses to dairy industry in developing countries.Study was planned to assess the prevalence of rotavirus diarrhea in Pakistan.