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the reovirus causing infant enteritis

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Recent findings showed that human blood group antigens (HBGAs) might be involved in rotavirus attachment to intestinal cells (3,4,5,6).
Coli, Enterovirus, Rhinovirus, Rotavirus, Salmonella, Shigella, Vibrio, Yersinia--Supplier Shares, Competitive Strategies, Country Volume and Sales Segment Forecasts, Innovative Technologies, Instrumentation Review
The report presents a detailed analysis of the Rotavirus diagnostics market in the US, Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK) and Japan.
Worldwide, diarrheal infections caused by rotavirus are one of the biggest causes of childhood morbidity, and one of the leading causes of hospitalization amongst children under the age of five in the Middle East, according to specialists.
Rotavac', launched by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is the third such vaccine available globally against Rotavirus.
Rotavirus is estimated to cause more than 78,000 deaths, 800,000 hospitalizations and three million outpatient visits each year in India alone.
A two-dose, oral vaccine to protect against rotavirus was introduced on the NHS for babies at the age of two and three months in July 2013.
Public health campaigns to combat rotavirus focus on providing oral rehydration therapy for infected children and vaccination to prevent the disease.
Rotavirus infection is common in infants, and in neonates during the first month of life.
The benefits of the vaccines are substantial, and include prevention of death in some parts of the world and hospitalisation for severe rotavirus disease in the United States.
BAHRAIN may soon introduce a vaccination against rotavirus infections as part of its public health immunisation programme.
While most parents are not as familiar with the name rotavirus as they are with other viruses, such as the influenza viruses and the viruses that cause the common cold, rotavirus is the leading cause of severe diarrhea in babies and children.
With statistics revealing that almost every child in the world is expected to experience at least one serious episode by the time they reach three to five years of age, the Rotavirus is an issue of importance.
Data from a recent study announced at ESPID (European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases) showed that Rotarix, the first oral rotavirus vaccine available to children in South Africa, protects against up to 96% of severe rotavirus gastroenteritis (RVGE) cases and prevents up to 100% of hospitalisations due to rotavirus-induced gastroenteritis in a European setting.
Rotarix is a two-dose rotavirus vaccine given to children for the prevention of gastroenteritis caused by rotavirus.