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of or relating to or characteristic or causing an axial or orbital turn

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Request TOC of this Report- Linear motion systems typically utilize the screw mechanism to transfer rotatory movements into linear movements.
Then the rest of the waste will go to rotatory screening machine.
It is also not chiral; it has no asymmetric center and is not rotatory.
OAG further laid down the scope of investment options available in the site under various categories including aviation training centre, anchor (flagship) iconic brand retailer, three- to four-star hotel, fixed wings and rotatory fixed-base operator (FBO), F and B and retail, flower and perishable centre, smart furnished offices, public transport, courier and postal services, and emergency and general hospital.
In the physical examination, 57.0% of the patients had horizontal nystagmus while the others had the classic rotatory phenotype; none of them had oculomotor palsy or optic nerve atrophy; three individuals had any degree of sensorineural hearing loss.
In 1977, Fielding and Hawkins classified atlantoaxial rotatory fixation (AARF) into four types depending on the degree of anterior or posterior displacement of the atlas [1].
Dilemma still preasent is does double-bundle technique provide rotatory stability [13] and significantly better results than single-bundle technique [14].
The lightweight design of the wheels has three advantages: it reduces the overall weight, the rotatory mass and the unsprung mass.
Physical examination findings were normal, except for a horizontal rotatory nystagmus in Dix-Hallpike right head-hanging position, which had a latency period of approximately 4-5 s and lasted less than a minute.
Exclusion criteria were 1) age >50 years, 2) positive posterolateral rotatory instability test, 3) positive apprehension in pivot shift manoeuvre.
Radiography confirmed the diagnosis of a rotatory anterolateral knee dislocation without fracture (Figure 2).
In these patients, the most frequent abnormal test result was found in the rotatory chair [6]; interestingly, findings in the rotatory chair test correlate well with the caloric test performed with air stimulation [7].
where [R.sub.I] is the measure of rotatory inertia correction factor, E is the Young's modulus, I is the second moment of area, [k.sub.1] is the spring constant, [[epsilon].sub.0] is the damping coefficient, t (0 [less than or equal to] t [less than or equal to] L/v) is the time, x is the spatial coordinate, the prime denotes differentiation with respect to x and a dot is the differentiation with respect to time t, and [T.sub.ra1] and [T.sub.ra2] are tracing constants, each of which takes on the value unity or zero depending on whether in the subsequent analysis the effects of (i) rotatory inertia and (ii) the joining layer are taken, respectively, into account or not.
have evaluated the performance of a rotatory dual-head system by a series of angles [17], and in their work the system response matrix (SRM) is geometrically estimated which is not accurate and is apt to cause depth of interaction (DOI) blurring near the field of view (FOV) boundaries [8, 13, 17].
Chronic posterolateral rotatory instability of the knee.