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Synonyms for rotatory

of or relating to or characteristic or causing an axial or orbital turn

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The most common symptoms include: rotatory vertigo, apparent body tilt, oscillopsia (positional nystagmus), nausea and tendency to lose balance in a direction opposite to the vertigo.
In particular, HPC in isotropic state exhibits an optical rotatory dispersion (ORD) curve with monotonic increase in negative rotation with decreasing wavelength [10].
Despite advancements in surgical techniques, some patients still have residual anterolateral rotatory laxity after reconstruction, the paper observed.
Does not the special construction of the solar system and the particular proportion between the size, distance and speed of each planet of this system prove that the maker of this machine is fully aware of all the details of the law of gravitation and the effects of the rotatory motion in producing centrifugal forces?
3]) in a rotatory evaporator at 55[degrees]C under reduced pressure, and then defatted with petroleum ether (60-90[degrees]C) followed by extraction with ethyl acetate.
11,14) This technique provides an accurate measurement of the velocity of the slow component of the nystagmus, and it is capable of recording rotatory eye movements.
Cranial nerve examination revealed a resting rotatory nystagmus with the fast phase to the right.
According Aderbing and Rajaratnam (1998), the rotatory process that will scour holes to fill and empty may cause scour hole dimensions to reach equilibrium [11].
Atlanto-axial rotatory fixation: Fixed rotatory subluxation of the atlantoaxial joint.
For pathogen enumeration, serial dilutions (1:10) of composting samples with sterile physiological saline were performed and homogenized for 10min in a rotatory stirrer.
The dome of the talus is wider anteriorly, which allows some rotatory movement in the ankle joint when the foot is plantarflexed.
an illusion of movement which will be rotatory in most cases, but can be described as pitching, yawing or rolling in character.
An infection of the inner ear (labyrinthitis) or an inflammation of the balance nerve (vestibular neuronitis) can give rise to severe rotatory dizziness for up to two to three weeks, with a slow return to normal balance which can take a further few weeks.
Infuence of rotatory inertia, shear deformation and support condition on natural frequencies of wooden beams.