rotator cuff

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a supporting structure of the shoulder consisting of the muscles and tendons that attach the arm to the shoulder joint and enable the arm to move

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Following a successful pre-IND meeting with the Food and Drug Administration ('FDA) in February 2019, the Company is now completing its preparation in order to start its rotator cuff Phase I/II clinical trial.
The American Council on Exercise has more on rotator cuff muscles and how to strengthen them safely.
Its lead programme in partial thickness rotator cuff tears is presently enrolling patients in a double-blinded, multi-center pivotal study.
SAIS was defined as positive shoulder tests for painful arc, Neer, and Hawkins tests and subacromial bursitis and/or rotator cuff tendon pathology in MRI.
"Chronic tears often result in fat accumulation within the rotator cuff muscles, resulting in negative clinical outcomes, including weakening and atrophy of the muscles," said Manuel Schubert of Michigan Medicine.
I'm now with the lovely Sharon cos since doing Dancing On Ice I've now got a torn rotator cuff and something has happened to my knees so I've had to call in the top physio."
Are pain location and physical examinations useful in locating a tear site of the rotator cuff? Am J Sports Med 2006;34:256-64.
(1) Although rare, acute brachial neuritis, infection, rotator cuff injuries, and contusions of the humeral head have also been reported.
[7) In a series of 89 patients with shoulder pain, 35% of subjects exhibited a tear of at least one rotator cuff, biceps or deltoid muscle and 53% exhibited tendinopathy of at least one rotator cuff, bicep or deltoid muscle, rotator cuff tears and rotator cuff and deltoid tendinopathies.
A 4-cm longitudinal incision was made above the shoulder to expose the rotator cuff. The supraspinatus tendon was picked out using a cured clamp, and the insertion of the supraspinatus tendon was severed from the greater tubercle with a blade or scissors.
Rotator cuff pathology is the most common cause of shoulder pain for which patients seek treatment, and it is an increasing cause of upper extremity disability in the elderly.
[1,2] The most common indications for shoulder MRI are suspected shoulder instability, osteonecrosis, rotator cuff tear, infection, and neoplasm.
Patent number 7,585,311 and related patents for knotless double row rotator cuff repair.
SAN DIEGO--Patients who received a corticosteroid injection within 6 months prior to rotator cuff repair were more likely to undergo a revision rotator cuff surgery within the following 3 years, results from a large database study show.