rotator cuff

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a supporting structure of the shoulder consisting of the muscles and tendons that attach the arm to the shoulder joint and enable the arm to move

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However, if the pain and loss of mobility still continue and imaging reveals a rotator cuff tear, surgeons may perform arthroscopic surgery to reattach the torn tendon to the bone using a tiny camera (arthroscope) to help guide them as they work through small incisions.
Two pairs of specimens were excluded from the study due to either excessively poor bone quality or pre-existing, asymmetric rotator cuff tear.
Yamamoto A, Takagishi K, Osawa T, Yanagawa T, Nakajima D, Shitara H, Kobayashi T (2010): Prevalence and risk factors of a rotator cuff tear in the general population.
Symptoms of a torn rotator cuff include tenderness and soreness in the shoulder during an activity or normal range-of-motion action.
Ultrasound (US) imaging is a validated instrument for immediate and dynamic evaluation of shoulder disorders, especially rotator cuff impingement (Al-Shawi, 2008; Bureau, 2006; Iannotti et al.
Knowledge of the RC tendinous insertions onto the proximal humerus, an area known as the rotator cuff footprint, makes it easier to determine the extent and location of abnormality.
This allows the rotator cuff to maximally contract and control the cast, and prevents excessive shoulder elevation which causes the rotator cuff to pinch the top bone of the shoulder.
The approach to preventing failed rotator cuff surgery is now being directed to biological strategies at the cellular and molecular level.
Fishman's exciting treatment for rotator cuff tear is particularly well-suited to elderly patients who are poor candidates for surgery.
Regardless of surgery, many people feel pain in their rotator cuff when they lift their arms above their head, a phenomenon known as shoulder impingement syndrome.
Studies show that using a double row of stitches, instead of a single row, called anchor sutures may be better than a single row of sutures to repair rotator cuff tears, which is the procedure performed by Dr Murrell.
Rotator cuff problems are the most common source of shoulder pain, and the management of them has been radically changed recently with the introduction of arthroscopy and arthroscopic surgical tools.
Oregon coach Ernie Kent didn't attend the Pac-10 media day because he had rotator cuff surgery Tuesday.
Advances in shoulder surgery may restore arm movement and relieve pain in people with arthritis and irreparable rotator cuff tears.
On the basis of this report Mr Kramer advised exploration of the rotator cuff.