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Synonyms for rotation

Synonyms for rotation

circular movement around a point or about an axis

occurrence in successive turns

Synonyms for rotation

(mathematics) a transformation in which the coordinate axes are rotated by a fixed angle about the origin

a planned recurrent sequence (of crops or personnel etc.)

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The highly effective Rotation Manager extends to help schedule those with different levels of skill set.
Therefore, carrying out rotation of maize and cassava will ensure maximum use of nitrogen and potassium.In terms of the depth of absorption, deep-rooted crops absorb nutrients from the deep layers of the soil compared to shallow-rooted crops, which absorb nutrients from just below the soil surface.
The 4-year rotation for Brookings increased TN by 22% in 0-5 (P <0.03) and 12% in 5-15 cm (P <0.04) depths, whereas no significant differences in TN were observed at the 15-30 and 30-60 cm depths.
Accordingly Prime Minster on August 31, 2018, while according approval to an amendment in Rotation Policy 2000 also required Establishment Division to accord a thorough review to the Rotation Policy in a comprehensive manner.
The meeting brought under discussion for the first time many other important and salient features of the rotation policy.
It's the best way to optimize the rotation," Schaumburg Transportation Director Karen Robles said Thursday at the O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission's Fly Quiet committee meeting.
Any slight, initial net rotation was magnified as parts that were at great distances came nearer the centre.
But a more dynamic rotation has been difficult to introduce because the Big Four have put a lot of lobbying effort into defanging the regulation.
The accuracy of the azimuth determination by the developed device and the measurement method generally depends on a number of factors, in particular, on the orthogonality degree of the platform rotation axis of and the angular motion sensor sensitivity axis and rotation axis beatings, which change the slope of the angular motion sensor sensitivity axis in relation to the acceleration of gravity, which will also be seen in the appearance of a periodic signal at the sensor output in case of corresponding sensitivity to linear accelerations [14].
They found that variations in the speed of the Earth's rotation could set off intense seismic activity, particularly in the tropical-equatorial regions where the population density is very high.
To achieve neutral lower limb alignment after total knee arthroplasty (TKA), the femoral and tibial components must be accurately implanted perpendicular to the femoral and tibial mechanical axes, respectively.[1],[2] Accurate radiographic evaluation of the lower limb is critical for preoperative planning of TKA, with plain radiographs, computed tomography (CT) images, and magnetic resonance images commonly available.[3] Plain radiography continues to be clinicians' preferred preoperative templating tool for TKA, but the variable measurements found with femoral rotation highlight the importance of standardizing limb positioning and rotation while obtaining these radiographs.[4],[5],[6]
Tire rotation on off-the-road equipment is a maintenance activity that has been around for decades.
It became immediately apparent that cross-training and job rotation were necessary to resolve this problem.
The test is considered positive if the patient accuses pain between 70 and 120[degrees], the Hawkins test--is considered positive if the patient accuses pain caused by the conflict between the tendon of the supraspinous muscle and the coracoid acromial ligament, and it consists of placing the side examiner on the patient, of shoulder blade immobilization, of positioning the arm under investigation in abduction, flexion at 90[degrees] and internal rotation, and then of the performance of the horizontal flexion simultaneously with rotation emphasis, the Jobe test--is performed with the patient's arm positioned at 90[degrees] abduction in scapular plan, internal rotation (the thumb is oriented towards the floor).