rotating shaft

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a revolving rod that transmits power or motion

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Its TorqSense transducer is based on the patented technology of measuring the resonant frequency change of surface acoustic waves (SAWs) generated by rotating shafts. It's a proven technology that has solved torque measuring challenges in a host of industries.
Unlike a screw, the drive operates on the rolling ring engineering principle, producing linear motion from a smooth, rotating shaft while assuring no play or backlash during movement of the drive nut.
The modification work involved: constructing a reciprocating cage capable of holding four cans mounted inside the retort; a slider-crank assembly comprising a reciprocating rod connected by a crank to a rotating shaft with a 16-cm radius; and a permanent magnet motor with a voltage controller.
Resolvers are used in more than half of all servo applications to convert the angular position and/or velocity of a rotating shaft to an electrical signal.
In a Crayford focuser, a rotating shaft presses against the focusing barrel, which moves back and forth against a set of bearings.
7,602,130 similarly discloses a device which seemingly violates one or more laws of thermodynamics: "Therefore, the rotating shaft A may rotate in a predetermined direction without any external power ..." Here's another one: patent No.
Librescu, "Implication of conservative and gyroscopic forces on vibration and stability of an elastically tailored rotating shaft modeled as a composite thin-walled beam," Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, vol.
Oil seals were added to prevent the passage of any fluids along the rotating shaft. At the end of the shaft a jaw flexible coupling was fitted to allow for any misalignment between the drive shaft and the generator.
As the rotating weights move farther away from the rotating shaft, connecting arms cause a change in the position of a sleeve, which in turn moves a lever or shaft that actuates the fuel supply valve--whether it's controlling fuel, compressed air, steam or water.
This magnetic bearing is then operated in a manner that induces vibrations on the rotating shaft.
The rotating shaft creates an interaction with the molten solder and generates a residue, typically a SnPb oxide or a tin oxide, and it evidences itself in the form of a fine black powder that floats on top of the solder and around the drive shaft.
A rotating shaft carrying discs with biofilms allows the wastewater to come into contact with microorganisms and provides aeration, resulting in biological degradation of the pollutants.
[2] Gasch, R., 1993, "A survey of the dynamic behavior of a simple rotating shaft with a transverse crack", J.
is the TorqueTrak 10K telemetry system, a real-time transmitter for torque data from the rotating shaft. The system, including a transmitter, a battery and a torque-sensitive strain gauge, has the ability to fit any size drive shaft at any torque level, the company said.
Used extensively throughout industry to monitor rotating shaft alignment and axial position, particularly on steam and gas turbines, centrifuges and pumps, Sensonics proximity probes provide a range of non-contacting measurement configurations and comply with the API 670 standard.
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