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Briefly, these include civilian supremacy over the military, a rotating mechanism for high federal offices between the federating units, making the armed forces more inclusive by inducting more personnel from the smaller nationalities, a united province for all the Pakistani Pakhtuns, a province for the Seraiki-speaking population in Punjab, breaking the hold of Punjab and Karachi over different industries and spreading the same to the other federating units, non-interference in the affairs of neighbouring countries, and so on and so forth.
1) consists of a stationary column with the base, an upper carriage with a mechanism for clamping consumable electrodes and a lower carriage with a rotating mechanism carrying non-consumable electrodes, and also current-carrying busbars and connectors of the flexible water-cooled cables with couplings.
This rotating mechanism is devoid of rotary joints wear parts and does not require lubrication.
The v70 is aimed at the fashionconscious user and the most striking thing about it is its unique rotating mechanism.
FO-5704 multi-pass fiber-optic rotary joints allow optical signals to pass from a stationary structure to a rotating mechanism in a fiber-optic system.
A multi-pass Fiber Optic Rotary Joint (FORJ) allows optical signals to pass from a stationary structure to a rotating mechanism in a fiber optic system.
When the moving bolster with the lower die is outside the press and the die plate undocked from the slide, the plate can be rotated 180 deg by means of the rotating mechanism in the press uprights.
As soon as the thermoplastic has sufficiently cooled down, the mold opens and the rotating mechanism transfers the part into the second cavity; here the elastomer material is injected onto the thermoplastic part.
The rotating mechanism is what gives the truck its VNA capability.
Three 175 kVa units are used for the hoist system, two 118 kVa units are used for the travel drive system and one 75 kVa unit is for the rotating mechanism.
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