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Synonyms for rotated

turned in a circle around an axis


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We rotated the nocks on some of our bad arrows and found we could get many of our bad arrows to hit with our good arrows.
All the uploaded documents, as well as the resulting files (the rotated ones), are removed after they have been downloaded, or within a given time limit in the rare case when they are not downloaded.
Eighty percent of them worked daytime schedules, 7 percent worked nights, and 13 percent rotated between day and night hours.
Is the left side rotated forward (appearing closer to you than the right)?
The new blade system has four identical cutting blades, which can be rotated from top to bottom and front to back.
The neutron spin is rotated in the first [pi]/2 coil.
The truck, which seats the driver in an ergonomically favorable position, facing the direction of travel and with an unobstructed field of vision, features a rotating cabin that can be rotated 30 degrees to the left as well as 180 degrees to the right with the Multipilot control.
The final challenge was to figure out how to keep the secondary cage centered while it rotated. The solution was simplicity itself--I merely made the Kydex light baffle long enough that it extended inside the inner circumference of the fixed ring by about 3/8 inch.
As they rotated the gun system, they noticed that the gun system would intermittently bind using the pneumatic wrench and slip clutch.
Valvetronic places an intermediate follower between the cam lobe and rocker arm, and is held in place by an eccentric shaft that is rotated by a small servo motor.