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At the same time, there is a minimum or no reverse flow of clay mass in the troughs of the rotary presses, which undoubtedly reduces the power consumption for transportation of clay mass and allows considerably increasing the productivity of the machine without a large increase in drive power.
Sinel operates three shifts year round with 15 rotary presses of up to 10 printing stations with combined technologies: flexo UV, cold stamping, silkscreen and lamination or letterpress, silkscreen, hot stamping and lamination, among others.
* New ISOMALT DC is especially designed for direct compression of tablets, and can easily be compressed on conventional machines (e.g., rotary presses).
It was more a case of starting the giant rotary presses in the Colmore Circus HQ of the Birmingham Post & Mail newspaper group which owns the Mercury.
We have a wide range of rotary presses capable of cutting a width of 215.78 mm.
Extruders and extruder systems, rubber calenders, profile production lines, rotary presses, v-belt manufacturing machinery and plastics extrusion equipment are featured in a color pamphlet.
IKELA produce foil saving and register control systems for Gallus rotary presses claiming to be able to run registered DOVIDS at 100 - 120ft/min.
"We now have nine rotary presses and that helps with the tannins," he said.
Tenders are invited for provision of blue light rotary presses for lspeis vehicles and their installation in place of the existing amber color, in accordance with the specifications and with sustainable public procurement measures
"We have modern rotary presses, including Gallus and Nilpeter machines, and hot-foil equipment from Newfoil; no one else here is making self-adhesive labels." Unusual for an exclusive PS label supplier, the firm does not provide PS labeling equipment.