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a printing press for printing from a revolving cylinder

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While these performance numbers are impressive, the most important fact about USA Today's 15-year life is this: The newspaper clearly stands out as the most significant innovation in the newspaper business since the invention of the rotary press in the 19th century.
Magazine publishing benefited in the late 19th and in the 20th centuries from a number of technical improvements, including the production of inexpensive paper, the invention of the rotary press and the halftone block, and the use of advertisements as a means of financial support.
The book contains an excellent account of the transition from the artisanal craft of printing to the publishers of the 19th and early 20th centuries: the increase in print runs, the changing formats of books, the effect of the rotary press, the appearance of commercially oriented publishers like Gervais Charpentier, Michel Levy and Artheme Fayard.
Printing: I talked to a major newspaper publisher from Niger and asked him why he wasn't interested in a rotary press.
From Pilgrim's Progress and the development of the rotary press to modern Bible translations, books, gifts, CD-ROM's and the Internet, Thomas Nelson has become the world's largest Christian content provider.
Fette Compacting America introduced the FE75 Tablet Press, a double-sided rotary press that can be equipped with up to 115 punch stations to produce more than 1.
Based in Plano, IL, USA, G-Force specializes in custom labels and was looking or a digital label press to complement its current Mark Andy 2200 rotary press and two Allied Gear presses.
The paper was originally produced on a flatbed printing press, but a Marinoni rotary press was later installed to cope with rising demand, especially for the sports edition on a Saturday.
The radomes are pressure formed from UV-stabilized ABS sheet on a rotary press at cycles of roughly 3 min, depending on the size.
Company will be exhibiting a full line of solid dosage equipment including the: OYSTAR Manesty Xpress[R] 500 Tablet Press with AccuSpray[TM]; the OYSTAR Manesty FLEXITAB[R] is a fully automated, single station tablet press with a multi-layer tablet function; the OYSTAR Manesty XSpress R&D Rotary Press provides R&D users with advanced instrumentation and data acquisition software to analyze compression force, ejection force and punch displacement; the OYSTAR Huttlin Unilab Fluid Bed System ; for drying, granulating, and coating/layering, the Unilab Fluid Bed System is a mobile system with an operator panel, designed to process batches from 0.
Patrick Riley (right), senior partner of Blythe Liggins Solicitors with (left to right) Rotary Club of Kenilworth president Maurice Holden, solicitor Richard Moon and Rotary press officer Bob Kelly
Into the new building went a Marinoni rotary press ( the first in the area ( counting and clickety-clacking out 20,000 copies an hour.
Late breaking news, highlighted on page 6, includes details on the Auma rotary press from Berstorff, a compression molding press from Wabash MPI, a pneumatic bale cutter from Rubber City Machinery, and more.
The packs are first printed on a web fed rotary press, then transferred to the Rofo which consists of an unwind, rewind and two accumulator systems one each side of the platen press.
The rotary press, invented well before the Linotype, enables faster hotmetal printing (as in inking pages, not setting type) but requires an extra step - the duplication process known as stereotyping.