rotary actuator

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(computer science) the actuator that moves a read/write head to the proper data track

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The rotary actuators are prethreaded with standard mounting holes in the body to provide versatility and ease of mounting.
Steering mechanisms and hydroplane control mechanisms use linear actuators with directional and flow control, while cargo handling mechanisms use linear and rotary actuators with directional and flow control.
Each is a Model 2SF-36 with hydraulic rotary actuator that automatically turns the shaft in the finishing media to ensure removal of any number of burrs, whatever their location on the helix.
has announced a significant expansion of its model L30 hydraulic rotary actuator product line.
The new L20 Series helical hydraulic rotary actuator was designed as an economical, ultracompact, lighter-weight, high-torque rotary actuator to be used as an alternative to hydraulic cylinders.
The Ternary fully integrated programmable positioning/drive/motor/linear or rotary actuator. They tell us their Rack and Pinion s are now built to ensure high levels of accurac y, and then Precision Shaft Couplings seemed an obvious move forward for the company, and these couplings will be available in three ranges - CE2 Economy range two to 500Nm, BC 2 and 3 high performance range, with 15 to 15000, and the TL 1, 2 and 3 Torque Limiting with a range from two to 1500nm.
A 4-20 mA signal from the control system directs a pneumatic rotary actuator to move the copper closer to, or farther from, the magnets.
has announced the introduction of its new L20 Series hydraulic rotary actuators. The L20 Series was designed as an economical, ultra-compact, lighter weight rotary actuator that can be used as an alternative to hydraulic cylinders, the company said.
Microhydraulics has developed an electrohydraulic rotary actuator with closed loop position feedback for mobile hydraulic applications.
Steering is accomplished by rotating the single rear wheel via a Helac rotary actuator. The steering system also incorporates a Von Ruden hydraulic valve to control flow.