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Synonyms for rot

Synonyms for rot

Synonyms for rot

a state of decay usually accompanied by an offensive odor

(biology) the process of decay caused by bacterial or fungal action

unacceptable behavior (especially ludicrously false statements)

break down

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Degradation of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and polychlorinated dibenzofurans by the white rot fungus Phanerochaete sordida YK-624, Applied and Environmental Microbiology 62(12): 4323-4328.
Dry rot fungus attacks the cells within the timber.
Table 4 shows the mass loss in the untreated and heat-treated specimens via the decay resistance of white rot fungus for 4 weeks.
The growth pattern of white rot fungus is tolerant to wide range of pH indicated that white rot fungus has flexibility to adapt according to different ecological conditions (Pandey et al., 2001; Rinu et al., 2012).
N.Bhatti, Decolorization of Practical Textile Industry Effluents by White Rot Fungus Coriolus versicolor IBL-04, Biochem.
But America's second-largest field crop next to corn is no match against Phomopsis longicolla, a seed rot fungus, which, along with other species, cost soybean producers in 16 southern states over 2 million bushels in losses in 2012.
Production of manganese peroxidase and organic acids and mineralization of 14C-Labelled lignin during solid state fermentation of wheat straw with the White Rot Fungus Nematoloma frowardii.
Selection of Medium for laccase Production: In white rot fungus Laccase production depends on the composition of the culture medium, particularly carbon, nitrogen content and inducer compounds (Adejoye andFasidi, 2010).In the present study the white rot fungus Pleurotus ostreatus-P1 was grown on six different liquid culture media having different elemental compositions to stir up laccase production.The production of laccase varies according to composition of medias which differ due to presence of micro and macro nutrients.
White rot fungus, Pycnoporous sanguineus was taken from Forestry Research and Development Unit, Forestry Department.
"Maybe with white rot fungus we used too much wheat flour.
Their report, published in the June 21 SCIENCE, describes the experimental growth of a white rot fungus in glucose solutions containing different organohalides --carbon-containing compounds with attached chlorine or bromine atoms.