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Synonyms for rosy-purple

of purple with a rose tinge


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Lythrum salicaria (Loosestrife) with its glorious rosy-purple flowers borne on tall, slender spikes, will thrive in rich, moisture retentive soil in a sunny spot.
The rosy-purple flowers, carried in trusses on the ends of the branches are a most welcome colour for early spring.
Sir Cliff is rosy-purple, Jimmy Young is pure white and frilly, while both Terry Wogan and Vera Lynn are pretty in pink.
Not too demanding, they flourish under most conditions, the fourinch rosy-purple flowers of the largest of the species, Allium giganteum, providing a highlight between tall shrubby plants such as roses.
Other novelties, more brightly coloured though less strongly scented, are David Unwin, a vivid red with sun-proof qualities; Charlie, dark violet; and Peacock, with rosy-purple ruffled blooms.