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any of those hardwood trees of the genus Dalbergia that yield rosewood--valuable cabinet woods of a dark red or purplish color streaked and variegated with black

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We're greeted by Mr Kelm, a tall, spindly farmer who's lived here so long his own body appears to be competing with the towering rosewood trees. He's kindly floated two plastic kayaks, which we use to paddle along a tributary of the Iguazu river.
All of the ebony and rosewood trees found outside Madagascar's national parks have already been logged, so the loggers have now turned their attention to the parks.
A nature organization has exposed a lemur-poaching racket providing scores of the rare primates, roasted, to restaurants in port cities.Most troubling, activists said, is a brazen plunder of protected forests by armed bands of illegal loggers who, by threatening park rangers, loot prized hardwoods for a Aotimber mafiaAo that exports them to lucrative furniture markets in Asia and the United States.AoOnce the crisis exploded, there was no more state of law in Madagascar,Ao said Herve Bakarizafy, the director of this park, which closed for two months this year as gangs felled hundreds of rosewood trees in a luxuriant forest home to 11 species of threatened lemurs.
Eco-advocates and guitar makers alike fear that the spruce, maple, mahogany, ebony and rosewood trees that have been the foundation of the wooden instrument industry for years are being cut down faster than they can be replaced.
Mahogany and rosewood trees face possible extinction in Costa Rica, where half of the country's dry forests have been cut down.
Along one side of the pool, fast-growing Indian rosewood trees (Dalbergia sissoo) screen the garage.
East Indian rosewood trees can be large, but tree size varies by location and growing conditions.
The meeting ordered complaint verification against Amjad Ali Khan former chief secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to probe his involvement in awarding tender of Korag Canal project and illegal sale and cutting of rosewood trees.
SIALKOT -- Police on Wednesday claimed to have arrested an accused who burnt 98 precious Rosewood trees in a jungle in the limit of Pholora Police Station.