rose of Jericho

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densely tufted fern ally of southwestern United States to Peru

small grey Asiatic desert plant bearing minute white flowers that rolls up when dry and expands when moist

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Despite the relative accuracy of this early written account, Gerard--both a botanist and herbalist--surprisingly failed to indicate any of the therapeutic properties attributed by subsequent commentators to the rose of Jericho.
The Rose of Jericho, however, strikes me as a symbol of diasporic uprootedness expressing a longing not for land but for a mere drop of water to bring it back to life.
She travelled through the Holy Land in search of the Rose of Jericho with her target, naturally, being Jericho.
Danehill Dancer and Galileo have produced Oaks winner Dancing Rain and Ascot winner Maybe from a family descending from Derby winner Dr Devious's dam Rose Of Jericho.
A The Rose of Jericho or dinosaur plant as it is sometimes known is an amazing variety which supposedly pre-dates the jurassic age.
Origins' Make A Difference hand treatment (pounds 15, 0800 731 4039) contains rose of Jericho to rehydrate seriously dry hands, while Crabtree & Evelyn's Hand Therapy (pounds 9.
Gorgeous cream contains rose of jericho resurrection plant to help make dry, cracked hands smooth.
Eye-catching pedigree, though, as second dam Rose Of Jericho produced Derby winner Dr Devious as well as top Irish sprinter Archway.
This contains Rose of Jericho a resurrection plant that can survive and thrive through decades of drought.