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Know that your recognizing the relationship of the members of the rose family allows you to monitor all members of the family if you observe an insect or disease problem with one.
It might surprise those long-removed from biology class that the rose family means a heck of a lot more than the pretty red rose young--and hopefully older--lads pick for the women they adore.
Adelaide Fletcher, MLIS Rose Family Medicine Residency, University of Colorado, Denver
I've heard that raspberries are part of the rose family.
A member of the rose family, Tormentil has a high tannin content which accounts for its soothing, protective action on the digestive tract.
This article will focus on the woody genera within the Rose family that grow on the Canadian Prairies.
Rose, who owns Rose Family Funeral Home in Simi Valley, has amassed about 1,300 in the three years he's been collecting.
The strawberry may have been around since 200 BC, lovingly tended by sweet-toothed Romans, but it was the skills of market gardener Michael Keens that kick-started the popular love affair with the luscious berry - a member of the rose family.
He was checking up on his progress while house-sitting the Rose family home while they are in America.
This second episode features the Rose family from Warrington and the Mills from Warwickshire.
Celebrating the recovery of the Robbins' cinquefoil, a small alpine perennial herb in the rose family (Rosaceae), we published a final rule on August 27 removing this plant from the list of endangered and threatened species.
At its spiritual heart is the Chapel of the Burning Bush, an unassuming structure of tremendous religious significance; nearby is what is thought to he the bush itself, a rare species of the rose family, endemic to Sinai.
The Facts: The pear is a member of the rose family.
A member of the rose family (Rosaceae), Robbins' cinquefoil only occurs in the alpine zone of the White Mountain National Forest.
Five-fold symmetry is found in plants in the rose family.