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an ornamental but poisonous flowering shrub having narrow evergreen leaves and clusters of fragrant white to pink or red flowers: native to East Indies but widely cultivated in warm regions

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The company is popular among celebrities, withPippa Middletonand husband James Matthews seen getting on a plane at Rose Bay during their honeymoon earlier this year.
Joe and Barbara Amoroso were waiting for the plane to take them back to Rose Bay on the 20-minute flight.
In east-south-east winds, starting at the committee boat end might put you in a position to get some favourable shifts out of Rose Bay.
Incontinence Monitoring and Assessment: Philippa Mary Lewis, Mosman, Australia; Karen Maree Carey, Lower Templestowe, Australia; Alan Michael Cottenden, Bedfordshire, England; David Albert Barda, Rose Bay, Australia; Peter Curran, Oatley, Australia; and Don Black, Albert Park, Australia.
Cool water sprays the face of financial services worker Hugh Dive as he sits on the rear deck on his way home to the exclusive suburb of Rose Bay.
He attended McCauley Preparatory School at Rose Bay (1974-1977) and Marist Brothers, Kogarah (1978-1980).
Our drive down to Rose Bay next day, is through one of the best residential areas of Sydney.
His oldest, Oliver, was instructed to walk to Rose Bay Secondary College.
Three's a crowd: Kylie in Rose Bay, Sydney, yesterday and, below, Leo's love campaign
Spencer and her two sons with Crowe now live in a glamourous 10-million-dollar Rose Bay mansion.
Information received from RAHS member Bruce Crosson of Rose Bay has dated it more accurately as c.
Larkspur, too, dries well, as do cornflowers, Sweet William, globe amaranth, love-in-a-mist, xeranthemum, rose bay willow-herb, mint, echinops, chamomile, anaphlis, sunray, feather flower, rudbeckia and foxglove.
PLAY has been suspended on day two of the Australian Open at Royal Sydney after heavy rain rendered the Rose Bay layout unplayable.
International sales: Habibi Films, Rose Bay, Australia.
I particularly enjoyed Cremorne Point, Rose Bay, Balmoral Beach and Centennial Park.