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a craftsman who makes ropes

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Gardiner goes on to explain that the origin of ROPEMAKER lies at the intersection of email and web technologies -- specifically Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) used with HTML.
A new email exploit, dubbed ROPEMAKER by Mimecast's research team, turns that assumption on its head, undermining the security and non-repudiation of email; even for those that use SMIME or PGP for signing.
Ropemaker makes use of two technologies that are fundamental parts of the way information is presented online: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).
We're delighted to begin what we hope is a long and fruitful relationship with Ropemaker and we're excited to see these new units start to come out of the ground over the coming months.
Paul Hughes, 48, and William Neale, 41, both went to a health club in Ropemaker Street near Finsbury Circus in the City of London in August.
In New Brighton, a Birkenhead ropemaker leased a plot of land to set up a 'joy wheel', ' followed by an indoor fairground with a ride called The Jets which the rider controlled with a lever, Over the years, visitors were tempted by such attractions as The House of Nonsense - where 'Here joy reigns supreme.
The fifteen men in the images include the following: a king of Portugal, son of a shepherd; a King of Sicily, son of a potter; a King of Persia, whose father was a cobbler; seven Roman emperors, sons of a bookbinder, a ropemaker, a gardener, a blacksmith, a shepherd, and two weavers; two Popes, offspring of a shoemaker and a mariner; a King of Lombardy, "who was no better than the son of a common strumpet" (42); a King of Bohemia, who was himself a ploughman; and the philosopher Theophrastus, son of a tailor.
Recent instructions include the 472 million [pounds sterling] sale of Ropemaker Place for British Land and the 315 million[pounds sterling] purchase of Bankside for M&G.
British Land was the biggest faller after it unveiled a PS500 million investor cash-call and the PS472 million sale of its Ropemaker Place development in the City of London to fund an acquisition warchest.
based ropemaker Bridon International, which will be used in the twin mine-shaft system at the multi-billion rand Leeuwkop development.
The Group has also acquired the freehold of the Hams Hall warehouse from Ropemaker Properties.
66) He says to the extent that in the (work of the) ropemaker (fattal al-hibal), (67) the maker of jugs (al-kizan) (68) and earthen jars (al-jirar), and the work of the weavers (al-hawaka), there is cooperation on acts of devotions and obedience (to Allah), for it is not possible to perform the prayer except by (first performing the ritual of) purification (al-tahara), and this requires a jug (al-kuz) with which to pour water, a leather bucket (dalw) and rope (risha) with which to draw water (from the well), and requires the covering of (one's) nakedness (al-'awra) for performing the prayer which is only possible by the work of the weavers (al-hawaka).
Oscar Schulze married Helen Ester Forsyth (daughter of Archibald Forsyth, ropemaker and politician) in Sydney in 1884 and they had five children born between 1886 and 1897; two boys (Robert and Archibald) and three girls (Elwina, Doris and Marjorie).
Fletcher Morgan acted for Ropemaker Properties on its disposals.
Leather 2009 titleholder Lamalani is a ropemaker and sex educator from the Pacific Northwest.