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lower oneself with a rope coiled around the body from a mountainside

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The diver followed the rope down to the seabed off the Welsh coast - and came across the world's only surviving Mark I Sunderland flying-boat.
Ready your student by attaching a long check rope to his collar, then run the rope down the back, taking a half hitch around the flank, letting the remainder trail behind.
Mr Reeder said: "I just jumped in and pulled the pushchair back over to the edge of the quay, and then somebody put a rope down over and I tied it on and they lifted it out.
Team members were able to get above them, dropped a rope down and helped them find the correct path.
A spokesman said: "We spotted them using night-vision glasses and we got them to shine their mobile phone around which helped us get above them and then get a rope down to them.
What you must do," demonstrated Nicole as she laid the rope down carefully in front of her, "Is tie your arms in knots first.
We lowered a rope down and told him to put his foot in the loop and managed to slowly winch him up," added the fire officer.
To check the door's balance, close the door and then pull the release rope down to release it from the drive rail so you can manually open and close the door by hand.
It's like pushing a rope down a hole," said BP's Paul Hyatt, who manages coiled tubing drilling for the company.
BN: I think of South Ferry [1985-86], the painting with the braided rope down the middle of the canvas, In exactly that way.
The 26-year-old man was plucked from a ledge 40ft down after apparently descending into the old lead mine and pulling his rope down after him.
When the buck looked the other way, I eased the rope down to my bow.