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Synonyms for rootbound

(of a potted plant) grown too large for its container resulting in matting or tangling of the roots


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having the roots matted or densely tangled

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You can hold greens in starting pots for four to six weeks, but don't let them get rootbound.
This rootbound philosophy has been an industry cornerstone for decades, established in the days when only thrifts made mortgages and commercial banks did everything else.
You get oversized peace lilies in giant clay pots, giant fica rootbound, cut back
Disadvantages associated with container-grown plants are that they may become overgrown and the plant may become rootbound, which can cause transplanting shock.
Winter is the best time to repot roses that have become rootbound.
The plant, by this time tightly rootbound, is carefully tapped out of its cup and buried about half way up its stem in this mound of loose dirt.
Jeanne Emmons' book of poetry, Rootbound (New Rivers Press,
When the plants have developed the five or more leaves they need to capture a fair amount of sunlight, and before becoming rootbound, they can be transplanted to their permanent sites.
Denz recommends planting palms in well-drained soil, taking care not to disturb the roots even if the plant is rootbound.
Avoid buying plants that have leggy stems, or lots of roots protruding through drain holes of the nursery pots--signs that the plants are probably rootbound and may perform poorly.
Don't buy leggy plants or ones that are overgrown and rootbound.
Loosen the rootball before planting, especially if it looks rootbound.
Check container bottoms to make sure roots aren't growing out of them, which may mean plants are rootbound.