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a developed system of roots


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They, too, need water to support their root systems during our harsh winters.
This dependence on the root system in turn influences other important agronomic traits in upland rice, such as efficiency in nutrient absorption and resistance to pests and root diseases (Oliveira, Freitas, Fiuza, Menezes, & Dotto, 2010; Henry, Gowda, Torres, Mcnally, & Serraj, 2011; Uga et al.
A new research shows that rice crop can be used as a model for cereal crops, when its root system examine at a molecular level.
The invasive Japanese knotweed has a root system that can extend up to three metres in depth |and seven metres in all directions
Furthermore, the lower water retention of substrate V + CRC (1:1) may have contributed to the lower root system quality because, according Huett & Morris (1999), the loss of nutrients through leaching increases proportionally with the volume of substrate and lower water retention and cation exchange capacity.
They don't need a lot of their root systems at the moment so you won't be doing any major damage if you lose some of the roots in the process.
The wiring and trenching necessary to in-stall traditional grid-tied lighting would have destroyed the delicate and treasured tree root system of the garden, and been prohibitively expensive with a number of existing permanent structures already in place," Tailor explains.
Let [PHI] = [PHI](S) be a crystallographic root system with a simple system S.
Ridge sown maize out yielded compared with other sowing methods both under well watered and drought conditions due to well developed root system i.
Host suitability was categorized on the basis of reproduction factor [(Pf/Pi) where Pf =final nematode population/Pi=initial nematode population], root galling severity 0 to 9 scale, root galling and egg mass indices on a 0 to 5 scale, J2 per g of root and eggs per root system.
While phenotyping of aboveground plant organs is difficult and tedious, phenotyping the root system is even more cumbersome.
Root system architecture (RSA) is a deciding factor in water- and nutrient-uptaked efficiency of a plant.
Good root system development is essential for optimum wheat (Triticum aestivum L.
Also, field conditions, such as soil chemistry and soil moisture, can vary from one site to the next, and changing conditions dramatically affect the shape, size, and health of a root system.
A: Visualize the tree root system as a flat pancake that spreads outward from the trunk, potentially in all directions, one and one half times the height of the tree.