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The prognosis of root resection has been welldocumented.
This article presents a successful case of endodontic-periodontal combined lesion with a retained instrument fragment in maxillary molar managed with mesiobuccal root resection and guided tissue regeneration (GTR).
However, a series of case-controlled studies evaluating a relatively small number of cases, and the success rate of root resection has been reported to have a broad range, because there is no consensus as to the inclusion criteria defined by the various authors.
Chapter one addresses the objectives and techniques of periodontal surgery, and procedures such as crown lengthening, palatal flap surgery, and root resection are demonstrated.
An evaluation of canal morphology at different levels of root resection in mandibular incisors.
Apicoectomy or apical root resection with retro-grade filling is a standard surgical treatment to salvage the periapically infected teeth in which root canal therapy has failed to resolve the problem.