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an excavation where root vegetables are stored


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When built a big root cellar back in 1989, I thought I was the only one still interested in old-fashioned things like this.
Ripe winter squash and pumpkins, Irish and sweet potatoes, onions and garlic store best it in the root cellar. Otherwise, the fridge is fine.
Back at EAC in Halifax, MacLeod checks in with other grant recipients--among them an arts council and a first nations student project--on the construction and use of their root cellars. She also works to secure EAC's own funding to keep this vital shoot of the community food infrastructure growing into 2013.
Area farm-to-table restaurants won't let you go hungry in more or less the same way New Englanders survived frigid winters here for centuries -- before the advent of a modern trucking industry -- with a little help from trusty root cellars.
You'll also find plans for building a solar dehydrator (don't miss the design on Page 67) and several styles of root cellars, plus everything else you need to go from harvest basket to cupboard with confidence.
She said community root cellars are being built across the state to help get more mileage out of foods such as carrots and potatoes, and said the U.S.
Unlike traditional root cellars which are dug vertically, their cellar is a walk-in style, partially above ground.
Your article on trench silos ("Outdoor Root Cellars," October/November 2011) got to us right when we needed it.
Also, some of these little ice houses were more or less like root cellars, at least partly submerged into the ground--remember this ice was supposed to last well into the warm weather, so the more insulation, the better.
Based on your winter weather and your available space, choose from these five ideas for outdoor root cellars to store your harvests through the snowy winter months.
Apples are also bulging from root cellars (or solar dryers!) now, and while some can be kept by those methods, it's also a great time to grind them and make apple cider.
The first half of the book provides 30 easy-to-follow illustrated plans for creating standard cold rooms, basement root cellars, stand-alone underground root cellars, and even root cellars for condos, town homes and warm climates.
Over the millennia many strategies have developed to fill this need: drying, salting, smoking, pickling, canning and natural refrigeration (root cellars, spring houses, and keeping food outside during freezing weather).
We are encouraged to grow gardens, can our produce, raise animals, have root cellars, recycle and save.