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the passage in the root of a tooth through which its nerve and blood vessels enter the pulp cavity

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Mrs Duffy, of Crosby, said: "I know lots of people who've had root canal treatment and thought it would be straightforward, so didn't think there was anything to worry about.
The adhesion between dental structures and resin-based sealers is the result of a physicochemical interaction across the interface, which allows the union between the filling material and root canal walls.
Micro-CT is a novel non-invasive technique, which may have the potential to reveal the truth about the effectiveness of root-filling removal of different root canal retreatment procedures (11, 12).
The root canals are then enlarged and shaped with fine-tipped drills.
Nonsurgical endodontic retreatment is needed when microbial infection persists or recurs after initial root canal treatment because of insufficient cleaning and shaping, missed canals, inadequate root filling, or coronal leakage (1).
faecalis in saliva was 34% and in root canal it was 58%.
The remaining dentine thickness (RDT), the amount of thickness of dentine left after the instrumentation of the root canal system, is an important parameter that affects the success of root canal treatment and its restorative prognosis.
However, due to drug characteristics and the infection degree of teeth, postoperative complications such as pulpitis, periapical inflammation and internal root canal absorption often occur.
To date, few detailed studies have been conducted to assess number of roots and root canal morphology of maxillary premolars in the elderly.
USA], Oct 24 (ANI): Now, undergoing a root canal treatment will not be difficult, as researchers have developed an injectable antimicrobial gel that could disinfect a tooth during a root canal procedure.
Key Words: Root canal therapy, Calcium Hydroxide, root canal irrigants, endodontics.
The new materials that will increase the success of deciduous teeth root canal treatment are continuing to investigate.
Key to successful endodontic treatment is a thorough knowledge, respect, and appreciation for root canal anatomy together with careful, thoughtful, and meticulously performed cleaning and shaping procedures.