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carbonated drink containing extracts of roots and herbs

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We developed Not Your Father's Root Beer because we recognized people's craving for nostalgic flavors they loved from childhood," explains Tim Kovac, founder and brewmaster of Small Town Brewery, which makes the product.
Kovac first experimented with hard root beer with his son in 2011, brewing for fun after their vacation plans got canceled.
Fresh, fizzy root beer comes into many people's minds as being poured in the soda shops of the mid 20th century.
Not Your Father's Root Beer brings the classic recipes into modern times.
introduced Wild Root hard root beer in November, two months after it unveiled an alcoholic ginger beer.
Around the same time, Anheuser-Busch launched its Best Damn Root Beer.
brewer of Saranac Soft Drinks, reintroduced its Jed's brand; the "Jed's Hard" line includes a root beer, orange cream and black cherry cream.
in November rolled out a line of hard sodas including Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Orange N' Cream and Cola.
This included a Rum Java Root Beer Float, which topped off the traditional dessert drink with a shot of spiced rum.
Not Your Father's Root Beer has also been mixed into all sorts of cocktails, Kovac reports, including some with vanilla vodka.
The target market for Not Your Father's Root Beer "is wide and diverse," Kovac says.
Not Your Father's Root Beer has climbed up sales charts largely on the back of social media and word-of-mouth.
With Wild Root we developed a pissed-off looking root beer mug.
Like the other craft beers in its stable, Coney Island's hard root beer boasts a retro-looking label.
Not Your Father's Root Beer also embraces a vintage vibe with its packaging.