root beer

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carbonated drink containing extracts of roots and herbs

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00 or more, the nostalgia-driven deal includes the throwback price of just 65 cents for the yummy root beer float (in honor of Shoney's 65[sup.
The A&W[R] brand was founded in 1919 in Lodi, CA, and A&W[R] All American Food[R] is famous for serving a signature frosty mug root beer float and 100% US beef hamburgers and Coney dogs.
Stiff & Sons Old Fashioned Root Beer goes to Brian's family," said Chad Melis, marketing director of Oskar Blues Brewery.
Thousands of Americans can recall an A&W experience such as their first frosty mug of A&W Draft Root Beer," Matis said.
The Twins got involved with the re-branding of Killebrew Root Beer because Harmon's name is synonymous with the great history and tradition of our organization," said Twins Vice President Eric Curry.
The new Spiced Root Beer and Dark Roasted Espresso flavors both take on the attributes of 100-proof SMIRNOFF Blue, providing a smooth and intense taste experience.
He would visit the nearby restaurant and enjoy free baby mugs of fresh made A&W Root Beer.
We truly appreciate our customers, and are excited to once again celebrate them with free root beer floats," said Paul Macaluso, vice president of marketing for SONIC.
A ``black cow,'' made with root beer and ice cream, was called a ``brown cow'' in some regions, and in other parts of the country a ``brown cow'' was made with cola, not root beer.
Williams said the 2100-square feet Menasha A&W will employ 40-60 persons and will offer customers the popular A&W All American Menu of Papa Burgers, Fries, Coney Dogs, and of course, their signature frosty mugs of freshly made A&W Root Beer and Root Beer Floats.
Its Berry and Green Apple are reminiscent of kids' favorite hard candy flavors, while its Orange Cream and Root Beer Float respectively re-create the sensation of many baby boomers' favorite treats: the Creamsicle(R) Pops and the ice cream/root beer float.
holds a root beer mug presented to him Monday during a campaign rally in Russell, Kan.
Literally millions of Americans have an A&W story they can tell whether it was their first frosty mug of A&W Root Beer or their first experience at a drive-in," explained Ben Butler, president of A&W Restaurants.
Gourmet soft drinks from the Stevens Point Brewery include Point Premium Root Beer, Diet Root Beer, Orange Cream, Vanilla Cream and Black Cherry Cream Soda.
Stambovsky gave high marks to the project done by seventh-grader Tommy Paul, who sought to discover which of three types of sodas - a cola, a root beer and something called "Dr.