root beer

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carbonated drink containing extracts of roots and herbs

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Of those, 40 are beers, four are ciders, two are kombuchas and two are root beers.
Pop-Tarts Frosted A&W Root Beer have been formulated with a root beer-flavored filling, wrapped inside a crust and topped with white frosting and brown, red and orange crunchlets.
Kovac first experimented with hard root beer with his son in 2011, brewing for fun after their vacation plans got canceled.
You really taste both the Orange Cream and Root Beer flavors.
Plus, when one of your head brewers has a secret family recipe for root beer, it's hard to ignore the possibilities.
com support International Root Beer Drinking day by making the elusive root beer keg a very accessible option for customers around the country.
with root beer syrup and garnish with cilantro and a Fresno chili half.
And residents of South Lyon were enjoying hot dogs, French fries, and frosty glasses of root beer at the newly opened A&W on South Lafayette.
Usually, in naturally carbonated sodas like Mom's root beer, because you want sweetness to remain in the final drink, the yeast reaction is controlled by refrigerating the bottles--most yeast becomes dormant at temperatures below 40 degrees.
Here's what's on record: Pete's Root Beer stand operated sometime prior to the construction of Paul and Helen Kinney's store in the triangular corner of Orondo Avenue and Okanogan Street (See Chris Rader's Looking Back column on page 13 for the Kinneys' story).
6 : a soft drink with ice cream floating in it <a root beer float>
Three Olives adds Triple Shot Espresso, Tomato and Root Beer to the portfolio of vodkas distilled in England.
For summer, See's Candies has introduced gourmet Root Beer Lollypops.
Russell stops at the local convenience store for root beer.