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the normal temperature of room in which people live

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8 nm), exhibiting a large SOT efficiency up to 1.75 at room temperature, which is much larger than the values of ~0.010.3 in conventional used heavy metals.
The samples may have been shipped in a "refrigerated" state with ice packs and received cold; by the time they are processed, loaded to the MPA, or Modular-Pre Analytic section of the chemistry analyzer-COBAS, then aliquoted and run through to the COBAS, the less than a ml specimen in the testing cup has indeed reached room temperature prior to any mixing of reagent for testing.
Blood and plasma concentrations and molar sums of free THCCOOH + THCCOOH-glucuronide during room temperature stability studies were evaluated with Wilcoxon matched pairs test.
The main problem is that the spin orientation in the electrons can easily be lost at room temperature, since it is sensitive to disruptions from its surroundings.
Dying in yoghurt: the number of living bacteria in probiotic yoghurt decreases under exposure to room temperature. Digestion.
Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) that says "a food facility may sell Asian rice based noodles that have been kept at room temperature for no more than four hours." The measure was signed into law by Gov.
For some customers, it allows for elimination of sanding and other surface preparation in room temperature bonding of SMC, and in other cases it offers an alternative to methacrylate-based adhesives on RTM and open-mold composites such as hand sprayup.
and offers shelf lives in excess of 12 months at room temperature. Loctite 5620T silicone cures in 30 min.
Samples were incubated at room temperature (21 [degrees]C) for 96 h with continuous agitation.
ISLAMABAD, 06 June, 2009 (Balochistan Times) --Ice-cold watermelon may be refreshing but it can be less nutritious than watermelon stored at room temperature. Watermelons stored at room temperature deliver more nutrients than refrigerated or freshly picked melons.
room temperature down to liquid helium temperatures in a five- to 10-minute time period).
(l x w x h) dimensions and deliver 1400 cranking amps for five seconds at room temperature, Enersys said.
EP33 is a unique room temperature curing epoxy adhesive for high temperature bonding applications.
They then stirred each mixture for several hours at room temperature, exposing the mixtures to air only during the last half of the process.
dark place at room temperature, 18 to 20[degrees]C (64 to