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Synonyms for rook

Synonyms for rook

(chess) the piece that can move any number of unoccupied squares in a direction parallel to the sides of the chessboard

common gregarious Old World bird about the size and color of the American crow

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Rook was Senior Vice President, Commercial, at Ascend Performance Materials, where he was responsible for providing commercial leadership to a $3 billion global business.
Sophos is creating re-sellable MDR services by combining Rook Security's threat detection, investigation and response capabilities with its recently acquired DarkBytes technology platform.
"With MDR, Sophos' channel partners will be able to provide businesses of all sizes with expert services that continuously detect, hunt for and respond to security incidents." In addition, Sophos plans to align its synchronized security technology and product portfolio with Rook Security's 24/7 services for MDR customers.
Rooks tend to spend much of the year together in a flock, forming a large colony of nests at the very top of high trees in the breeding season.
for rook black the wins h8 x RWhite either and moves king ch Rh1 3 then rook black the guard to Kh7 2.....
Bandal, a retired judge from a family with a strong chess tradition, resigned in an inferior endgame where he only had a rook and seven pawns against Torre's rook, knight and six pawns.
While all Rook hot cups are ground and brewed to order, a unique blend of seasonal spices are added to create this flavorful fall treat.
Judge Rook said he believed Sean's mental state was in decline when he pleaded to go on guard duty, giving him access to an SA80 rifle.
The main characters are also extremely likeable; Rook's meticulous narration and Jackaby's freewheeling charm make them a great pair of heroes that we want to see win.
Rook is visiting Dizzy in Toronto when we speak over video chat.
One of her best customers, Spring Court Prince Gadfly, tells Isobel she will be called upon by not-seen-in-centuries Autumn Court Prince Rook to paint his portrait.
Ian Anthony Rook, of no fixed abode, appeared at Manchester Magistrates' Court on Tuesday charged with a section 18 assault - wounding or causing grievous bodily harm - and possession of an offensive weapon, a large knife.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 11, 2017-Sprint appoints Ivo Rook as SVP of IoT
Sprint (NYSE: S) has named seasoned Internet of Things (IoT) executive Ivo Rook to the newly created position of senior vice president of IoT, the company said.
The film is the result of director Andrew Wiseman's nearly-three-decade relationship with the family of Richard Rook, who was born with severe brain damage.