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Synonyms for roofless

not having a roof


physically or spiritually homeless or deprived of security

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The building which we now entered was entirely roofless.
Not up," I replied, "for I noticed particularly that while the building is roofless it is covered with a strong metal grating.
In Jacob's Island, the warehouses are roofless and empty; the walls are crumbling down; the windows are windows no more; the doors are falling into the streets; the chimneys are blackened, but they yield no smoke.
There could not well be more ink splashed about it, if it had been roofless from its first construction, and the skies had rained, snowed, hailed, and blown ink through the varying seasons of the year.
The doorless, windowless, roofless concept can drive on the road and converts into a single-seater jet ski to travel over water.
During the first day, the TMA had removed pushcarts and roofless kiosks from the GPO Road clearing 4 to 5 feet of land on the left side of the road.
Photos taken at the show didn't capture the rain pouring down that evening as the venue-a construction site and the future home of the Saint Laurent HQ-was roofless.
Mr Reynolds, who has run the church since 2007, formed a new company to take over the project and operate the roofless building as a heritage attraction and arts venue last year.
Radcliffe and Nashreen Ogier forked out tens of thousands to Devlin to build an extension - he left them roofless and destroyed their home
But that friendship will be tested in the first episode as they head to soggy Blackpool in a pair of roofless Reliant Rialto three-wheelers.
THE next Paul Fosh auction in the capital has a staggering seven South Wales chapels to choose from, ranging from derelict and roofless to complete with pews and pulpit.
a paint-stripped farmhouse by a roofless barn-- or so it seems to a
Talking to reporter they said the sheds are meant to save the commuters from sunlight and rain as they had to face problems during rains as the roofless bus stops could not provide them shelter.
One of the biggest Great Whites ever seen gets put in its place as a diver seems to give it a shove when it swims too close to his roofless cage.
Cliffords Tower is a complex structure which has had a number of structural interventions in the past, and which is known to have stood as a roofless ruin for over 300 years.