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a craftsman who lays or repairs roofs

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It is illegal for contractors or roofers to offer to waive a deductible or promise a rebate for all or part of a deductible.
High-quality roofers ask questions to better understand your home and its unique elements.
To think literally roof and from you Alison "So we got a roofer in and he said the metal flashing had been lifted up."
"If you are advised about urgent repairs, it's worth considering having a survey carried out and obtaining three quotes from reputable builders or roofers.
Karina Warrington, vice-chairwoman of the committee for the Caerphilly Workmen's Hall, said the roofers already contacted have not yet provided them a quote.
roofer Jenkins The prosecution said that PS92,000 had been paid to numerous betting companies, with very little coming back.
Richie was a roofer and was a member of the Roofers and Waterproofers Local 33.
London, July 16 ( ANI ): Roofer Keith Saunders recently smashed the world record for ladder climbing at Salisbury Fire Station.
A roofer was hired to seal the tar between the deck and the building.
The graduate of the Roofer apprenticeship program is a certified journeyperson who will be able to: (1) understand the principles and practices of roofing; (2) know the characteristics and to understand the actions and interactions of roofing materials; (3) interpret plans and specifications and to layout and develop projects accordingly; (4) calculate material and quantities; (5) use hand tools and powered equipment in a proper and safe manner; (6) relate to the work of other tradesmen in the construction industry; (7) perform assigned tasks in accordance with quality and production standards required by industry.
Contractor Jason Lunt, 41, of Valley Road, Bloxwich, pleaded guilty to breaching part of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, and self-employed roofer Gregory Wright, also 41, of Tewkesbury Road, Bloxwich, pleaded guilty to breaching part of the same act.
In normal times when a roof is aging an owner has time to shop around and gather information on a roofer's reputation, but when a roof has been ripped off in a storm any delay while obtaining information could result in greater damage to the home.
Speaking about roof tea-off's, roofer Pat Green of Columbia, Mo., says, "There's no replacement for plain old hard work." Power spudders and wheeled tear-off bars are designed for flat, commercial roofs, he explains.
The single source warranty specifies that if there is any problem with the roof membrane in the first five years, the roofer will remove the greenroof, repair the membrane and replant the greenroof in the affected area at no additional cost to the customer.