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carrier for holding luggage above the seats of a train or on top of a car


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The inventor of the Car Roof Rack has developed a working prototype that has been utilized with success.
Another similar van, with no roof rack, also arrived at the site and left with another full load of beams.
Schattler, his girlfriend, was flung onto the van's roof rack and found 3 1/2 hours later by a passing motorist, still on top of the abandoned vehicle.
it has its own floor pan, one-piece body side, running boards, rear fascia, roof rack, rear quarter glass, doors, and more).
The lightweight product easily snaps on to the side or rear of any vehicle with a standard roof rack to create a shelter.
5 million from a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of roof rack and towing systems.
So when they built their dream home in Santa Cruz, California, one of their priorities was a high-ceilinged garage with clearance for their SUV's equipment-laden roof rack as well as storage space for all of their gear.
Another had 700 pounds on an ill-advised roof rack when he ran off onto the soft shoulder--probably falling asleep.
Hints include using the air conditioning sparingly and covering a loaded roof rack with plastic sheeting.
But--if you're one of them--before you load up that roof rack, you may want to consider which slopes you hit.
has an ABA/nylon alloy series, Triax 1000, used by Canadian manufacturers for three new applications requiring outstanding impact and temperature resistance; an innovative automotive roof rack from Nomadic Sport Inc.
Outside, the 2008 Armada features a new front fascia, new headlight and fog light designs, new one-piece roof rack design, revised rear fascia, and 20-inch wheel and Michelin tire package (LE only).
I've agreed not to exceed 3,000 miles per year which is easy as I rarely leave Huddersfield these days and rarely exceed 40mph either, largely due to the wind resistance roof rack entertainments.