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carrier for holding luggage above the seats of a train or on top of a car


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Tint World customers seeking extra cargo and luggage space for their vehicles will have access to a broad range of aluminum crossbar roof rack options, along with Rhino-Rack's growing line of sport, contractor, and four-wheel drive accessories.
The tailor-made roof rack holds everything needed for an overnight camping trip and the Sorento's 290hp is enough for anything short of a vertical climb.
The Car Roof Rack is easy to implement on virtually any make or model of vehicle.
When you go to put your roof rack back on your vehicle, check over your hardware for aging or rusting.
In addition to releasing the song "Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro
Added to this, vehicles above the height of a saloon car cannot be used because of a height restriction bar that has been installed so to use a 4x4 with a roof rack fitted you must first ring to make an appointment or remove the roof rack each time.
standard specification is the EX which gets cruise control, a decent i-Pod/UsB compatible stereo, dual air conditioning, a roof rack and 17 inch alloy wheels.
The car might have been an Outback model and was described as clean with a factory roof rack.
A white Ford Transit with a roof rack was seen in the trading estate and left 45 minutes later loaded with a number of aluminium beams.
He said: "At first I saw what I thought was a roof rack and decided it needed to be pulled out before someone was hurt.
Only use a roof rack or bike rack when essential - a fully-loaded roof rack can add 30 per cent to your fuel bills.
Technyl Star is used in the roof rack of the Brazilian-made Fiat Adventure, where it replaces aluminum.
Schattler, his girlfriend, was flung onto the van's roof rack and found 3 1/2 hours later by a passing motorist, still on top of the abandoned vehicle.
it has its own floor pan, one-piece body side, running boards, rear fascia, roof rack, rear quarter glass, doors, and more).
The lightweight product easily snaps on to the side or rear of any vehicle with a standard roof rack to create a shelter.