roof peak

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the highest point of a roof

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Position them at a height of one-third to one-half the distance between the roof peak and the floor.
A 6-foot-square pyramid-shaped skylight at the roof peak brings in additional light, and a wraparound balcony provides extra living space in good weather.
A wooden building with dragon fish and jagged corners on the roof peak, the temple sits today in a wooded area next to a stream.
You can sink a pair of taller poles reaching from ground level to roof peak at the midpoint of each end, plus a pair of poles between that middle and each outer pole, to dose in the ends.
250% 3/4" EMT on underside of the roof of covered canopy at 7th Street Park basketball courts with (2) Box%s for 120Vpower mounted at N/E and N/W corners and 1 box mounted at the east side roof peak underside.
I've often seen roofers installing shingles in a straight-line pattern right up to the roof peak and staggering every other row.
Away from the roof peak, attic ceilings can get low fast.
There were three levels of hay mow above the central aisle of the Hazen-Davis barn, with a height to the roof peak of 40 feet.
Since I was working alone and the roof peak was some 15 feet in the air, I made a roll-around scaffold to stand on.
The resulting 500-square-foot cabin very simple-a hip-roofed, Post-and beam, single-wall building with a skylight in the roof peak and generous decks on three sides.
Indoors, the intimate scale of the entry gives way to high drama in the foyer, where the ceiling soars 25 feet to the roof peak.
Overhead, soffits and beams house lighting fixtures, while the ceiling slopes up to the roof peak and a pair of skylights.
To reinforce the remaining structure, heavier floor joists replaced ceiling joists, rafters were doubled up, and collar ties were added near the roof peak.
By running the hall ceiling up to the 13-foot roof peak, Miller turned what could have been a claustrophobic tunnel into a lofty, nave-like space that creates a handsome view from the living room.
Progressively shorter 2-by-12 shelves run between the top of the laundry closet and the roof peak.