roof peak

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the highest point of a roof

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The resulting 500-square-foot cabin very simple-a hip-roofed, Post-and beam, single-wall building with a skylight in the roof peak and generous decks on three sides.
Indoors, the intimate scale of the entry gives way to high drama in the foyer, where the ceiling soars 25 feet to the roof peak.
Overhead, soffits and beams house lighting fixtures, while the ceiling slopes up to the roof peak and a pair of skylights.
To reinforce the remaining structure, heavier floor joists replaced ceiling joists, rafters were doubled up, and collar ties were added near the roof peak.
By running the hall ceiling up to the 13-foot roof peak, Miller turned what could have been a claustrophobic tunnel into a lofty, nave-like space that creates a handsome view from the living room.
Progressively shorter 2-by-12 shelves run between the top of the laundry closet and the roof peak.
Without electricity, ample daylight becomes a concern: the trusses over the loft stretch past the main roof peak to create a clerestory window that brightens the whole house.
The owners gained the airy multipurpose living space by removing several walls between cramped rooms, opening up the ceiling to the roof peak, and expanding 8 feet into the garden.
From the street, the new cube in the Phillips' house is little more than a horizontal sliver running along the roof peak to one side of the chimney.
The new 18- by 22-1/2-foot space is full of light, thanks to sliding glass doors, clerestory windows, and an open ceiling rising to the roof peak.
The design builds a hierarchy from the low porches, trellises and overhanging roofs upward to high roof peaks and fireplace chimneys.
Gabled roof peaks, flower boxes, and pretty shutters add to this country home.
The site where the lead was stolen from is between the roof peaks and cannot be seen from the ground.
Its roof peaks at 6 1/2 feet high, so it should easily accommodate all but tallest hunters.