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an entrance equipped with a hatch

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The personal injury lawyer would have a good case against the architect who put the roof hatch close to the impossible-to-protect roof edge, the architect who designed the glass panel roof (picture broken glass and workers falling onto office workers having lunch below), and the architect who specified an EIFS faASSade without the ability of the applicator to secure its pipe staging to the building.
Typically, the roof hatch access requires using a single ladder generally found in a hall closet or storage area with a hallway door being secured by a standard key lock.
Arado pilot, Hauptman Hans Hirshberger waited too long to jettison his roof hatch and went down with the aircraft.
Through the use of improved cooking stoves with Water Warming Facilities, Roof Hatch Windows, and floor and wall insulation techniques, the organisation has impacted the lives of over 220,000 people.
I said to the lads that we would have to break cover, under constant sniping fire, and get him out through the roof hatch.
The company has supplied a roof hatch for the tallest building in the world, the Burj Dubai, which is expected to be completed in January.
Having already supplied a roof hatch for the tallest building in the world, the Burj Dubai, and designing and manufacturing all the hatches for the pounds 22 million British Antarctic Survey research station, the firm continues to be involved in a number of high profile projects across the globe.
But he added: "You always have to take it with a pinch of salt because the house that glows red could have left their roof hatch open, while the blue house could have been away on holiday.
Both models' cabs also feature a deluxe suspension cloth seat, controls, advanced multilingual LCD monitor, slide-open front glass, generous leg room, short-throw/low-effort controls, and tinted, transparent roof hatch.
The rear door wasn't open so we were getting equipment off via the roof hatch with a crane.
The roof hatch located behind the monitor is designed to allow a fast and safe manual release in case of emergency.
But the firm's reputation has taken a battering in Scotland after a series of blunders, including the release of a murderer and allowing a violent offender to escape through a roof hatch in the back of a prison van.
For even greater capacity you can add a roof hatch.
The standard applies to every opening, whether roof hatch, smoke vent of skylight.