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an entrance equipped with a hatch

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Typically, the roof hatch access requires using a single ladder generally found in a hall closet or storage area with a hallway door being secured by a standard key lock.
For even greater capacity you can add a roof hatch.
The standard applies to every opening, whether roof hatch, smoke vent of skylight.
In keeping with the company's commendable desire to innovate, the Trixx boasts some truly creative flourishes, including a foldaway passenger seat, inflatable rear seat, push-button roof hatch and sliding doors, which may be used on GM's next-generation MPVs.
With the front passenger seat stowed, theTrixx can accommodate an assembled mountain bike,and tall loads can be carried upright through the roof hatch.
A so-called Modularity Pack at pounds 295 includes a folding passenger seat, swivelling bulkhead and a roof hatch.
Last week an inquest was told the former soldier was discovered hanging by a tea towel from a roof hatch after his estranged wife Louisa raised the alarm.
All rooms should provide officers with a means of communication to a control room, a source of mechanical ventilation independent of surrounding areas and, if possible, a secure route, such as a roof hatch, for escape.
He had entered the bin through the roof hatch to dislodge crusted grain.
350 m 2 cold self-adhesive vapor barrier according to din 18234, approximately 40,000 m 2 escape route marking bituminous membrane, red-brown, approximately 44 st fixing the beam shoes with composite anchor rods, 1 roof hatch made of aluminum as roof exit, 900x2400 mm i.
The vehicle features roof hatch specified in the regulations, through which the driver's helmet can be removed if necessary and a safety seat that bolts firmly to the chassis.
Nor does it mean that Stutesman, who was standing up through the roof hatch of an armored vehicle between 75 and 90 feet from Babb at the time of the shooting, should have been deployed in a manner in which he was forced to make that fateful decision.
LadderTech manufactures a full line of Ladder Safety Products including Roof Hatch Safety Grab Bars, LadderPort[TM] Ladder Receiver, Parapet Back Ladder System and Cranky Portable Winch system.
Shocked Lee, aged 33, said he immediately closed the roof hatch and dialled 999.