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a screen in a church

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Also close to the wall is the delightful market town of Hexham, dominated by the imposing 12th century Hexham Abbey, with a Saxon crypt and medieval painted rood screen.
As rood screen is replaced by a board bearing the Royal crest, or parish band is succeeded by robed choir and organ, the perennial questions hang around "What is Christianity?
This largely undiscovered Liverpool treasure did, however, erect the first rood screen since the Reformation.
The worship space is divided almost equally between the chancel and the nave by an ornate rood screen.
Most notable are the rood screen, lectern, pulpit, baptismal font, and high altar.
Immediately inside the door, and now doubling up as an organ loft, is the wooden rood screen from the former abbey church, which was sold for just one shilling at the Dissolution.
The medieval Night Stairs are still in daily use and the church is also home to a rare 15th-Century painted rood screen and The Hexham Chalice - a tiny copper and gold gilt goblet used by early Saxon missionaries to celebrate Holy Communion as they wandered through Europe.
The crucifix originally stood on the rood screen, flanked by figures of Our Lady and St John.
The interior of a medieval church would have been very rich with carvings and a riot of colourful wall paintings, stained glass and rood screen.
Winchester Cathedral's spectacular rood screen, sign alling a new era of naturalistic depiction, was broken to bits.
Here the external steel frame intrudes (slightly surreally) as a kind of reductionist rood screen marking the boundary between nave and presbytery, and between congregation and priest.
Their contributions to Wales include the rood screen carving at Llanwenog Church, the Belgian Pier in Menai Bridge, and the Black Chair.
Inside there are monuments to the Harewell and Sebright families (it is in Harewell Lane) as well as a pre-Reformation rood screen and Jacobean altar rails.