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impractical romantic ideals and attitudes

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a movement in literature and art during the late 18th and early 19th centuries that celebrated nature rather than civilization

an exciting and mysterious quality (as of a heroic time or adventure)


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She was one of those female poets who could be regarded as pioneers in defying tradition by expressing the 'female experience' in Urdu poetry, her work was often based on romanticism, exploring the concepts of love, beauty and their contradictions, and heavily integrated the use of metaphors, similes and personifications.
The gist of it is that active Romanticism is inherently political, experimental, and, dammit, still alive.
As she will go on to demonstrate, any attempt to distance ourselves from romanticism is destined to repeat rather than challenge its discourse: "one cannot remain self-conscious in the face of romanticism's contradictions, or adopt a steadfast, critical distance from a romantic 'naivete,' without repeating, by these very gestures, those highly sophisticated mechanisms of irony and self-reflection that already characterized romanticism at its most characteristic moment" (19).
Romanticism occupied a unique place in the cultural formation of modernity.
I owe my own enduring interest in the rich critical legacy of German Romanticism to the mentorship of the late Ernst Behler, my Doktorvater, who gave us the definitive critical edition of Friedrich Schlegel's works, which includes th tAthemum with anonymous contributions by the Schlegel brothers, Friedrich and August Wilhelm, Novalis, Friedrich Schleirmacher, and F.
Writing on the subject of Romanticism in the October 1959 issue of Apollo, Horace Shipp commented: 'This was not merely a style and a fashion in pictorial and plastic art, but a vast stirring of the human spirit which inevitably demanded expression and transformed literature, pictures, sculpture, music, architecture and the crafts because it transformed life itself.
As Julian Johnson suggested in his landmark study Mahler's Voices, Gustav Mahler's emotionally charged and discursively fractured works are often understood as having navigated a transition from romanticism to modernism.
Romanticism is a revolutionary movement who follows the main political and philosophical themes of the enlightenment movement: free expression of the human sensibilities and the approval of individual rights.
It differs from the numerous other studies of Romanticism by its stratification.
In 1965 Kendrick Smithyman published a book on New Zealand poetics in which he noted the influence of romanticism; indeed, so obvious seemed the relationship to romanticism he labeled the observation 'pat'.
Speaking out Information Minister, Walid Daouk's word, Qassas said that Ghareeb gradually takes us in every page of his book to the stages of the beginning of romanticism in Europe, down to explain elaborately the elements of political and social issues that prepared the climate for Arab romanticism and national sentiments.
This claim notwithstanding, there are strains of romanticism in his poetry as well as in his essays.
Its premise is that Jewish thought and culture participated in the seismic cultural shift occurring in late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Europe that we term Romanticism.
of Maryland) explains in the introduction that in this study he considers multiple meanings of "sobriety," stating that "One can define Romanticism by its sobriety, but one can also demonstrate one's sobriety by judiciously abstaining from all that Romanticism offers.