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in a romantic manner

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This was frightful enough, but Mrs Verloc, though not a well-informed woman, had a sufficient knowledge of the institutions of her country to know that gallows are no longer erected romantically on the banks of dismal rivers or on wind-swept headlands, but in the yards of jails.
Finally, she delivered it as the general result of her observation and experience, that those marriages in which there was least of what was romantically and sillily called love, were always the happiest; and that she anticipated the greatest possible amount of bliss--not rapturous bliss; but the solid, steady-going article--from the approaching nuptials.
Recent developments have romantically linked Panganiban with her old flame and actor Carlo Aquino.
Chen Ming-feng, the son of Chen Wei-cheng, a former Chinese Taipei national baseball team coach, was sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of civil rights yesterday for the murder of his teacher with whom he was romantically involved.
She was once romantically linked to David, 42, and he has also remained friends with filmmaker Guy, 47, so is acting as a go-between in the pair's custody battle.
com) PerezHilton , claiming Ellie Goulding is not romantically involved with Calvin Harris.
The woman Simon Cowell got pregnant and is supposedly still romantically involved with is going through a divorce with her husband and she asked Simon to be by her side for, you know support and other things that baby daddies are supposed to provide.
Woods has been romantically linked to Olympic medalist Vonn since last year, the pair met at a charity event in April and began seeing each other romantically in November.
TV football presenter and Baggies fan Adrian Chiles has been romantically linked with comedy actress Catherine Tate.
have found that, when a woman's goal is to be romantically desirable, she distances herself from academic majors and activities related to STEM.
being involved with Reem, and said that they were romantically involved, but
Summary: The hostess rumoured to be romantically linked to Tiger Woods has denied an affair and declined to comment when reached on her phone.
The pair - who have been romantically linked - have signed up for the as yet untitled action comedy.
The romantically monikered boffin has spent 20 years hunting in the Middle East and poking around in darkest Africa for the treasure.
IF you liked Napoleon Dynamite and Me And You And Everyone We Know, here's another helping of indie-geek that's as romantically awkward and whimsically comical as the back catalogue of Belle and Sebastian albums.