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a novel in which actual persons and events are disguised as fictional characters

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Obscene Bodies wants to be read as a scandalous roman a clef about a painter very like Ross Bleckner, and at first, because Benabib has a distinct gift for putting ideas in people's mouths in a plausible way - we believe we're about to get the skinny on the motivations that drive the art world's murkier narratives.
At first, I merely was annoyed that Smith and other critics confuse the literary tradition of the nom de plume and the roman a clef with the requirements of journalism, which are entirely unrelated.
The story satirizes London literary circles and has been widely considered a roman a clef with Maugham as Ashenden, Thomas Hardy as Driffield, and Hugh Walpole as Kear.
Ladies Almanack (1928), published anonymously in Paris, is a roman a clef, with contemporary lesbians, including Radcliffe Hall, masked under such names as Lady Buck-and-Balk.
It began with her roman a clef, "Postcards From the Edge," in which Carrie Fisher retold the tale of her troubled, starry life.
(4) See Harald Emeis, "Olivia, roman a clefs," Bulletin des Amis d'Andre Gide 57.11 (January 1983): 7-36; 58.11 (April 1983): 173-98, and, regarding Rette's work, Philippe Oriol, "Du roman a clef comme acte de contrition," Les Romans a clefs 93-95.
After hearing that of' Oswaldskovitch really meant it with that commie stuff when he defected to the Soviet Union, Thornley transformed the book, called The Idle Warriors, into a roman a clef about Oswald--making Thornley the only person to write a book about Lee Oswald before that fall day in Dallas.
Instead the roman a clef is a vigorous exorcism of the writer's personal demons from his time in Manhattan bohemia during the 1980s and '90s.
Clinton's third step came with the anonymously published, best-selling roman a clef Primary Colors.
The mythical voyage of Adan, the hero, his descent into hell, and his constant search for the ideal is at once a roman a clef and a historicized account of Argentina from geologic times.
Brackett was drama critic of The New Yorker for three years and also wrote a number of novels, among them The Counsel of the Ungodly (1920); Week-end (1925); and Entirely Surrounded (1934), a roman a clef about Alexander Woolcott and his island colony on Lake Bomoseen, Vt.
The title, of course, is famous to Westerners as the title of Ernest Hemingway's 1926 roman a clef, which follows a group of American expats on a pilgrimage to the bullfights in Spain after WWI.
Fortress, like Saddam's first great novel, Zabidad and the king (2001), was released autologically as "a novel by its author." Zahibah was an international sensation, a roman a clef focusing or the relationship between a sensitive and anlightened ruler (Saddam, well disguised), and a beautiful woman (the Iraqi people) who is in thrall to her blackguard husband (the West, especially the United States).
1 Everyone is going to ask you if this book is a roman a clef.