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Synonyms for roly-poly

Synonyms for roly-poly

well-rounded and full in form

Synonyms for roly-poly

a rotund individual

pudding made of suet pastry spread with jam or fruit and rolled up and baked or steamed

short and plump

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"The ads touch on a healthy approach to life and Harry's time on I'm a Celeb, so it's unlikely his roly-poly will make an appearance."
"The ads touch upon a healthier approach to life and Harry's time on I'm A Celeb, so it's unlikely his beloved roly-poly will make an appearance.
KING of the Jungle Harry Redknapp will give the homeless the jam roly-polys he has been sent since winning I'm A Celebrity.
I always think they must be a roly-poly stripagram on their way to a hen do.
DURING his days as a genial Wednesbury lorry driver, roly-poly Tom Naylor was known for taking a joke against himself.
Val Nevin, 51, Changing Lives assistant director from Stanley, said: "Probably jam roly-poly and custard.
Before leaving, the team wished him would be like a Roly-Poly, standing upright and never fall.
Natural areas for youngsters to play including stepping logs, a den-building area, a 'roly-poly' bank, secret cave and mud bath ?
From what we've heard of it, we have to say: "Oh really, our kid?" RAPID WEIGHT LOSS: Have you seen the pics of the new slimmed down roly-poly movie funnyman Jonah Hill?
Children are encouraged to trace the dotted line that marks the path that the (perfect) roly-poly egg follows in its exciting journey to the final page!
According to the survey, carried out by online independent education guide, the second most popular choice was chocolate sponge with chocolate custard and third most popular was jam roly-poly.
That set me thinking of the smell of baking jam, and immediately I wanted a slice of jam roly-poly with a splash of custard.
There was jam roly-poly, rhubarb crumble and much more on the menu for secondary schools.
Keep Wales Tidy is warning people to be aware that their Christmas waste is likely to result in an infestation of roly-poly rats.