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the act of changing the institution that invests your pension plan without incurring a tax penalty

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One of three volumes on rollover accidents in the 12-volume compendium of technical papers on collision reconstruction, this volume considers such topics as the dolly rollover testing of child safety seats, modeling the effects of seat belts on occupant kinematics and injury risk in the rollover of a sport utility vehicle, occupant ejection trajectories in rollover crashes: full-scale testing and real-world cases, vehicle and occupant responses in a friction trip rollover test, and validating the occupant trajectory model using the Ford Expedition dolly rollover experimental test data.
The SEC’s position on rollover recommendations is most evident in its recent proposed interpretation for RIAs and its proposed Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI).
Tesla Motors, a United States-based automaker, has carried out a Model X rollover test.
Generally, an "eligible rollover distribution" is rolled over to an "eligible retirement plan."
Still, one would think it would follow on the coattails of the traditional IRA rollover. It hasn't.
This means putting in place convenient features like rollover and sharing so that they have the chance to better use their data whether it is adding it to the next month or sharing it.
Under this procedure, a plan administrator or an IRA trustee, custodian or issuer (IRA trustee), may rely on this certification in accepting and reporting receipt of a rollover contribution.
"Capturing" rollover assets is a classic example of cross-selling.
* Electronic stability control, includes roll stability control to minimize the possibility of rollover.
Mechanical engineer Jason Kerrig an used the funds to develop a unique full-scale indoor rollover crash test sled system.
Exploring FX Tom/Next rollover for compliance with Shari'ah principles, by Raid Madiyeh, Senior Sales Trader, Saxo Bank.
A win fund rollover of PS139,165 and bonus prize rollover of PS382,550 start the pools for the bet, which comprises races from Cheltenham, Doncaster and Newbury.