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the act of changing the institution that invests your pension plan without incurring a tax penalty

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Except for requiring the newly acquired stock to qualify under California rules, the rollover provisions for individuals are almost identical to the federal rules.
Dynamic rollover failure: Failure to dynamically recognize that rollover has occurred in real-time mode and make the proper adjustments.
The highest number of jackpot winners to share a rollover was 133 people in January 1995 - each got pounds 122,000
However, to avoid tax each distribution must still be rollover within the statutory 60 days.
Plan sponsors interested in this new solution adopt an automated "safe harbor" IRA rollover process as a plan level provision.
If the pretax amount equals or exceeds the amount of the distribution that is directly rolled over, it is assigned to the portion of the distribution that is directly rolled over, up to the amount of the direct rollover.
ATRI will continue this important research by investigating the identified locations further to better understand rollover causal factors.
Credit unions may have an advantage to capture some of those IRA rollovers given the loyal relationships they've built with members, said Eric Dolan, a project director and co-author of Cogent's report, "Assets in Motion: The Rollover IRA & Retirement Income Market Opportunity.
For rollovers from one Roth 401(k) to another, the proposed regulations would require a direct rollover of any portion that would not be includible in the employee's income if distributed directly to the employee.
In revenue procedure 2003-16, the IRS explained how taxpayers can apply for a waiver of the 60-day rollover period and when a situation merits an automatic waiver.
We're confident that our streamlined rollover program and hands-on approach will augment Great-West Retirement Services' superior customer offerings.
Specifically, it will teach attendees how to implement rollover programs that manage their retirement plan sponsor clients' costs and risks and enhance participants' retirement readiness.
107-16), this new provision would allow the IRS to waive the 60-day rollover period if failing to do so would be against equity or good conscience, including cases of casualty, disaster or other events beyond a taxpayer's reasonable control.
compute rollover issue adjustments and present them to the team for incorporation into the Revenue Agents Report,