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a holder attached to the gunwale of a boat that holds the oar in place and acts as a fulcrum for rowing

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(58.) Robert Rollock, Lectures Upon the First and Second Epistles of Paul to the Thessalonians (Edinburgh, 1606), 209.
"I was about to rollock Joe for a bad ball in but then the keeper dropped it.
As an alternative means of instructional mediation particularly directed at field-dependent students, some authors have tried to stimulate their involvement in the learning process by using experimental instructional methods, in which exemplary experiences of the contents to be learned are proposed (Burkhalter & Schaer, 1984-85; Ritchey & LaShier, 1981; Rollock, 1992).
Dr Nicola Rollock, one of the study's authors, said racism was still a reality for many black middle-class families.
Along Side(Bulk Oil Pier): Berth No Ship Working Agent Berthing Date Op-I Johar D.Crude Oil PNSC 28/09/10 Op-II Cellesta D.HSD Trans 29/09/10 Op-III Rollock Sun D.Vehicles GAC 29/09/10 ALONG SIDE(East Wharves): Ocean Land L.Cement Sea Link 29/09/10 2/3 Filia Joy D.Yellow Oc.Services 28/09/10 4 Fatema Jahan D.Yellow Asia Marine 24/09/10 ALONG SIDE(P.I.C.T): 6/7 Bunga Raya Sepuluh D.L.Cnt -: 29/09/10 8/9 Jakarta Express D.L.Cnt -: 30/09/10 ALONG SIDE(West Wharves): 18 Unicorn No.
of Bruce, Rollock, Simson, Welsh, and others have recently been
Similarly, gender has been shown to be an important factor in the expression of emotion (Plant, Hyde, Keltner & Devine, 2000; Vrana & Rollock, 2002).
Acculturation or cultural adaptation can be defined as the changes that an individual experiences as a result of being in contact with other cultures (Torres & Rollock, 2007).
Coping, on the other hand, provides information regarding the internal attributes or skills that an individual uses when faced with new person-environment interactions (Torres & Rollock, 2007).
Acculturation is one of the most commonly studied adaptation variables and has been defined as the changes experienced by an individual as a result of being in contact with other cultures (Torres & Rollock, 2004).
"But I couldn't go on to the touchline and rollock him for it, I didn't think that was right.
Intercultural competence has been studied as a predictor of acculturative stress and mental health symptoms (Torres & Rollock, 2004; Yeh, 2003) and as an outcome variable in relation to age (Sodowsky & Lai, 1997; Huang, 1997), yet there is a lack of understanding of how immigrant adolescents' strategies for acculturation predict their self-efficacy in various sociocultural domains such as relations with people from one's own group and those from the dominant group, ability to make decisions and perform academically, maintaining cultural pride, and feeling accepted by the dominant culture.
Rollock, Westman, and Johnson (1992) feel that White professionals who do not increase their cultural knowledge will have propensities toward over-pathologizing and thus undermining therapeutic effectiveness.
All knowledge is relative to the context in which it is generated (Gordon, Miller, & Rollock, 1990, p.