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a pickled herring filet that has been rolled or wrapped around a pickle

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"Rollmops!"--"Pitcher of beer!"--"Eggs!"--"Scalhons!"--"Radishes!" --"Liptauer cheese!"--"A pair in gravy!"--"Fresh salt rolls!"--"Another round of beer over here!"--"Small portion of braised pork, no, make that a regular, don't forget the bones!"--"Sour lungs, Fridolin, I have heartburn from last night!"--"Hot dogs and mustard!"--"Have you got any of those little blood and liver sausages I had last time?"--"Bring me some frosty cabbage in oil with eggs and caraway seeds."--"How come there's no goulash on the menu?
We lunched on rollmops, sole meuniere, civet de lievre a la cocotte, marmelade de pommes, and washed it all down, as we used to say (eh, reader?) with a bottle of Montrachet 1919 with the sole, and a bottle of Hospice de Beaune 1919 apiece with the jugged hare.
Mark ordered homemade herring rollmops with new potato and wholegrain mustard salad.
Two medium-size fillets rolled around a few ounces of stuffing, commonly called "rollmops," can be attractively displayed and cook in minutes.
The rollmops had a sweet tenderness and the pickle wasn't too salty.
There are rollmops (rolled pickled herring) from Germany, matjes herring from Holland, and peppadew peppers from South Africa.
LUVVLY-JUBBLY, the missus has let me loose on the Downs with the lads for the day, so I'll be full of the old rollmops and jellies by the time the big race kicks off at 3.50.
Traditional dishes served may include snert (pea soup); hutspot (stew); kahl (a dish made from cabbage and potato); boerekool (sausage); zoute haring (salted herrings); rollmops (pickled herrings); croquettes (meat dumplings coated with bread crumbs); and the always popular poffertjes (small pancakes).
27 26 18 20 22 A Danny DeVito B Jack Nicholson C Arnold Schwarzenegger D Christopher Lloyd QUESTION 12 - for 12 points: Which fish are used to make rollmops? A Mackerel B Sprats C Herring D Haddock QUESTION 13 - for 13 points: Where is the current base of the Red Arrows aerobatic team?
Which fish is used to make kippers, bloaters century, controlled most of Asia Minor until and rollmops? Amy Adams - see Question 9 World War I?
Mark ordered home-made herring rollmops with new potato and wholegrain mustard salad.
Saturday's Knowsley headliners the Who have demanded a whopping 100 large clean bath towels, along with an urn of organic chicken and vegetable soup, organic anchovies and rollmops and power to run hairdryers and an iron.
ANSWERS: 1 The United Arab Emirates' 2 Ants' 3 Rollmops' 4 The Moon' 5 Patience' 6 It is the real name of comedian Roy 'Chubby' Brown' 7 Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant' 8 V.S.
It's like herring - you know, rollmops - except eel, and you used to get them on the bar on a Sunday with your pint.
ANSWERS: 1 The United Arab Emirates; 2 It is the real name of comedian Roy 'Chubby' Brown; 3 Patience; 4 Rollmops; 5 Photography; 6 Ants; 7 Liz Hurley and Hugh Grant; 8 The first woman to walk in space; 9 V.S.