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a strong tissue paper that burns evenly and is sufficiently porous to control the burning of the tobacco in a cigarette

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According to Iran's Customs Administration, Iran has imported over 2,854 tons of rolling paper, worth $9.204 million, from 17 countries during the eight-month period of the current fiscal year.
Another measure before the committee would impose a new $5 per package tax on rolling papers used to roll tobacco and marijuana (H 3949).
A spokesman for Imperial Tobacco said yesterday: "We manufacture and sell rolling papers for the use of adult tobacco smokers.
These ( Roll + Blot Blotting Papers by Milk Makeup aren't just ordinary blotting papers as they are also rolling papers. Use these to get rid of excess oil on your face or roll a fat joint.
Aside from the marijuana, police also seized other paraphernalia from the suspects such as a glass tube and a small pipe with traces of marijuana, two weighing scales, a grinder, rolling papers, a rolling machine, one backpack and seven cellular phones.
Tampa, FL, August 14, 2018 --( Good Times USA is proud to announce the acquisition of the historic House of Windsor brands of tobacco, cigars, rolling papers, and snuff products in March of 2017.
These included weighing scales, latex gloves, plastic bags and tobacco rolling papers.
There will be plenty of scenes starring damp, festering towels; a particularly poignant composition featuring a tobacco pouch with a picture of a dead person on the back, rolling papers, filters, and other unmentionable smoking paraphernalia, all stuffed in a football boot kindly given and signed by John Terry; piles of mildewed crockery stacked up by beds; vital GCSE coursework stuffed under the bed.
2 ( ANI ): Shine Papers company has come up with 24 karat gold rolling papers for ardent smokers, who have money to burn on their cigarettes.
Producer of cigars, tobacco and rolling papers Imperial Tobacco revealed on Wednesday that Mark Williamson has been appointed senior independent director and Malcolm Wyman has been appointed chairman of the audit committee, due to the previously announced retirement of non-executive director Pierre Jungels.
22, including the implication of rolling papers, roll-your-own tobacco and little cigars.The FDA stated the "special rule" prohibits a cigarette or its component parts -- including the tobacco, filter or paper -- from containing ingredients, additives, herbs, spices, and artificial or natural flavors other than tobacco or menthol.
A page in the Newcastle-born adult comic showed a scantilyclad woman with cigarette rolling papers appearing to float out of her handbag.
The legislation also raises federal levies on cigars, rolling papers and other tobacco-related products.