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Rolling down a hill, dressing |up, painting with your hands and feet and riding a bike are some of things Donna thinks youngsters should do before they turn four
At some stage the tractor started rolling down the slope and he fell under it.
Witnesses saw the vehicle snake across the road before rolling down the embankment into the path of oncoming traffic on another carriageway.
The handbrake must have slipped as the vehicle started rolling down the hill.
It is believed the car had been parked on Market Street but began rolling down Grey Street, through lines of traffic.
Once the train tips over the hill, gravity tugs on the coaster, sending it rolling down the track.
Another spot features a bowling alley only a few feet long and the third presents skateboarders rolling down a very short ramp.
He does great balancing on his own, rolling down our driveway.
His eight-iron second shot landed on the bank at the right hand side of the green before rolling down and dropping in the cup.
In one frame, a tear can be seen rolling down the cheek of a victim.
So tinkering with the renminbi is like asking a freight train rolling down the tracks to slow down from 60 miles per hour to 55.
Rolling down her sleeves and switching to a managerial role was difficult at first, according to Benjamin, who says hiring the right people was the key to feeling comfortable about delegating responsibilities.
Calculations by applied mathematicians Alain Goriely and Tyler McMillen of the University of Arizona in Tucson indicate that another part of the whip--a loop rolling down the whip's length--also goes supersonic when it's near the tip and begins to uncoil.