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in a carefree manner


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Members of the audience who knew the tunes joined in on other, more upbeat songs that were made rollickingly enjoyable by Kanat's expert drumming.
"They were tremendous, rollickingly good times but as Richard said, 'It was the work itself that was the wonder.' "And part of that wonder was Dylan Thomas."
A rollickingly good boogie outfit, their gigs are of the no-holds-barred, no-nonsense variety.
Audiences will have no such problems with Boston Actors Theatre's rollickingly vital "Paper City Phoenix.''
He has also written a wide range of academic books, children's poetry and fiction, has made numerous TV and radio appearances, and has spent the last six years developing a rollickingly good stand-up routine based on his unique and comprehensive knowledge of life in and around educatio.
By presenting the material in a straightforward presentation, "Bells" turns out to be not only tuneful--with such standards as "Just in Time" and "The Party's Over"--but sprightly, charming and rollickingly funny.
But like the Cooper Union book, it is a tale rollickingly well-told, studded with curious details that enliven and humanize Lincoln's difficult progress from the day of his election in November 1860, to the moment he takes the presidential oath from Roger Taney on the steps of the Capitol four months later.
But at 504 pages of a rollickingly fast-paced plot, I did indeed occasionally 'lose the plot'--literally.
Critics praised the film as technically dazzling, charming and, occasionally, rollickingly funny.