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skating using Rollerblades

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"We didn't really have enough time to rehearse the complicated choreography - and I had visions of people rollerblading into the orchestra pit," says Tessa, the Rep's associate director, brought in by new artistic director Roxana Silbert.
"Whether it's a drink after work, enjoying the best of London theatre, grabbing a bite to eat, visiting a museum or doing something more active like rollerblading, swimming or rock climbing,' it added.
BEIRUT: A growing trend is speeding along the winding paved walkway of Beirut's corniche: rollerblading. On any given weekend in the city, couples skate side by side along the Mediterranean Sea in large-wheeled distance skates, while the younger crowd dons smaller-wheeled aggressive skates to pull tricks on railings and play games.
They've been skiing in the Alps, swimming in the Pacific, and rollerblading in Rome.
A 10-YEAR-OLD Scots boy's rollerblading skills have made him an internet sensation.
"Activities such as rollerblading and breakdancing could be delivered in Welsh".
I have been rollerblading a few times in the past and, to my credit, I don't suck too badly at it.
She asked that council use the $300,000 remaining federal and provincial grant monies to pave this section of the trail which would then be easier for children and seniors to use and would accommodate additional uses such as rollerblading and wheelchairs.
Mobile Yoga is a rad mash-up of powerful rollerblading and Zenworthy postures that tones all over.
On average, it was found that the girls spent 69 minutes and the boys spent 81 minutes a day in moderate activities such as hiking, skateboarding, or rollerblading, and vigorous activity such as soccer, running, tennis, and basketball.
ROLLERBLADING pensioner Geoff Dornan has backed out of an appeal court battle to defend his right to skate in Southport.
The inn sits a few steps from the historic Ashuwillticook Rail Trail, an 11.2-mile pathway through the Hoosic River valley, perfect for cross-country skiing in the winter and biking or Rollerblading after spring thaw.
Summary: The trial of a rollerblading pensioner accused of endangering the public by skating through a busy seaside town's streets is resuming.
At precisely 10am, the run officially begins with people walking, running, rollerblading and even pushing strollers to lend the organisation their support.