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someone who engages in roller skating

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The exhibit includes a 1943 quote by sports writer Harry Grayson from the Blytheville Courier News, who said of Gloria, "This little lady means much to the nation's 15,000,000 roller-skaters. There are 4,000 roller rinks in the country to less than 200 ice rinks, 20 roller-skaters for every ice-skater.
Most of the roller-skaters were Saudi and performing for the first time.
Gery trained enthusiasts at sports complexes, residential compounds and parks across the country."The community that did not exist, began to grow and now we have a population of roller-skaters in Qatar.
Amanda Holden plucking the words: "It felt dangerous and fresh," to those roller-skaters seemingly from thin air, funnily enough after Dixon told them: "That was so dangerous, like a fresh spin on roller-skating."
Tierna Cunningham and Gerry Kelly (top), Basil McCrea (centre) and roller-skaters Nautical but nice...
DREW BARRYMORE is calling on roller-skaters to join her in a mass get-together to help promote her new film.
The international group of 20 performers include musicians, jumpers, stilt walkers and roller-skaters from Italy and Poland.
The international group of 20 performers included musicians, jumpers, stilt walkers, and roller-skaters from Italy and Poland.
At the same time, the Friends of the High Line hope to keep all bikers, roller-skaters and vendors off the Line.
SUCCESS: Gemma Smelt with roller-skaters Clover Weaver and Caragh Doherty (front) Emma West and Faye Gibson (middle) and Lauren Ireland and Joanne Edwards (back).
BMX riders roller-skaters and bungee jumpers have transformed the sawdust ring into the newly heralded Circus Of The Streets.
The average age for injured in-line skaters is 19.7 years; for roller-skaters, it is 16.6 years.
This in-line configuration-rather like a blade made of wheels-lets roller-skaters turn by shifting their weight and using the edges of their skates, much as ice-skaters and skiers do.
Constable: Orbit roller-skaters chill inside while its icy outside
CARDIFF echoed to the sound of pounding feet as more than 24,000 runners, joggers, roller-skaters and strollers joined the Sports Aid Race Against Time yesterday.