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(trademark) an in-line skate

travel on shoes with a single line of rubber wheels attached to their soles

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Each day she roller blades to and from Acocks Green where she works as an auxiliary nurse looking after elderly people at the Christadelphian Home and Hospital.
A far remove from tree-planting versus roller blade parks, these exercises in direct democracy would be anything but mock.
Maybe, as I have suggested in my letter, they could kindly supply my mother with roller blades and then she would get around the store much more quickly.
On behalf of the St Christopher's Cathedral community, may I say how grateful we are for highlighting Friday's Wheelathon at the BIC, which turned out to be a wonderful family day for so many people from all nations: babies in buggies, children on scooters, young people on roller blades and hundreds of all ages on bikes.
A 23-yeAr-old from Pontefract, Swain made his foray in to the world of inline skating after he was given a pair of roller blades for his eighth birthday.
OXO Good Grips' Herb Mincer This is easy to use, effective and the handle keeps your fingers a safe distance away from the roller blades. It works a bit like a pizza cutter with "wheels" on the underneath, slicing your herbs while you hold the soft-grip handle.
Some of the items up for grabs included a set of alloy wheels, a Sky TV digital receiver, cameras, roller blades, jewellery, mobile phones, DVDs, iPods and music players.
More than 3,000 police officers - including 100 on roller blades and another 100 jogging alongside the convoy - were deployed.
She asked me a few questions and checked my gait before declaring I was a lazy, big tumshie and handing me a pair of roller blades. Inspired!
So for now we will conserve, car pool, and take fewer trips until gas gets so high we ride tandem bikes or roller blades. Ha, ha.
The full proposals include a multi-use sports games area, a "wheels" area for bikes, skateboards and roller blades and a children's playground.
Carbide inserts or roller blades can be used for the dry cutting process.
His fun-filled day and party tea on the roller rink at Albert Park Visitor Centre, Middlesbrough, was made all the more special when Scott received a brand new pair of the latest in-line roller blades.
And they revealed how they plan to buy new cars, pay off their mortgages and one of them wants "to go to New York to buy a pair of roller blades".
When she roller blades the trail for skaters in Bloomington, the reader glides and reflects with her.